At the quarter mark, which units are playing better, worse, or the same as last year?

I’ll go

QB - the same (which is - pretty darn good). Leadership and offense command are better, interception rate is, for now, up a little. But he’s winning hearts and minds with the overall quality of his play.

RB - better. Monty is an improvement over Williams, Gibbs has always been available. There’s untapped potential here yet, obviously.

WR - slightly better. Reynolds has taken his game up a notch. Love guys who keep getting better and don’t plateau. They miss Chark a little. C’mon Jameson!

TE - Way mo better. LaPorta maturity at the position as a rookie is just blowing me away. Holmes, you genius!

OL - Same, maybe even a littler poorer in pass pro due to injuries. But have imposed their will in the running game at times - the most opportune times.

DL - Night and day better. Lights have come on since the Seattle game.
Can’t wait to see that tested against the team that ran wild on them last year!

LB - Better. Anzalone another guy that has improved in mid-career. Barnes reaching potential. Campbell bringing his talent. What a culture Coach Campbell has created with vets upping their game all over the place!

DB - BETTER! Gone are the days when 3rd and 17 was an easy completion for opponents. Mosely can only make that better when he returns. Sutton is outstanding. In Branch we trust. Get Kerby back and really start making opposing QB’s pay.

ST- slightly worse. Coverage is great, PK’ing so far so good. Fox, return to normal excellence, please.

That’s my take. What’s yours?


I agree with everything except ST.
Foxy-boy is dropping the hammer on those punts and was huge in the Atlanta game.

FG feels more confident .
long snapper muuuch improved. fox saved his life on about half of his snaps last year…on punts and fgs.

Punting was subpar (for him) last game.

some sporadic poor coverage, but it’s early. Thinking improve on the all around grade

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