Athletic's Dane Bruglers 1st mock

Has us taking Carter at 3 and Porter at 12.
1st rd mock only.

Anderson goes 2nd, Stroud 5th to Carolina.

More here


I wouldn’t mind that at all, but we might be able to bluff Carolina into trading up and add some draft capital while moving down only slightly.


I have come to like: Will Anderson , Felix Anudike Uzomah , Andre Carter II (Army) OLB 15.5 sacks 6’7 250. , Isaiah Foskey Notre Dame 6’5 260 DE 11 sacks …

Lukas Van Ness at 17, wow that’s as high as I’ve seen him. I knew Brugler was a fan but not that much. @1CasanovaJack what do you think? I haven’t seen you hype him up much on here (though I could have just missed it) and I haven’t watched much of him yet aside from just watching Iowa games.

Also this is the first I’m really hearing of Keeanu Benton, the DT out of Wisconsin (aside from him getting a Senior Bowl invite), but Dane’s blurb definitely made me sit up and take notice:

“At 6-4 and 320 pounds with 34-inch arms, Keeanu Benton is a massive player who can control double teams and also provide a pass rush. A prolific wrestler in high school, he will only be 21 years old on draft weekend and is still figuring out how good he can be.”

I suspect I’ll be watching a lot of him over the next few months.


Oh man, Jaxon Smith Njiba to the Vikings to replace Adam Theilen in slot would be perfection. That would piss me off.

Indeed, though they really need help back end D

interesting that he has us taking Carter, a CB, with Levis on the board at 13. Levis went to the Colts with the very next pick. Even though Levis isn’t my favorite QB, at 13 I think I’d probably take him. Of course, Brad prolly isn’t going to ask me.

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I also found this part fascinating on Stroud:

“The league is split on where C.J. Stroud will land. Some think he will be a top-10 draft pick, while others don’t see that level of prospect.”

Brugler is plugged into the league more so than any other analyst outside of Jeremiah and maybe Zeirlein, and the guys in the league he talks to see top 10 as a ceiling, and a floor much lower. That’s fascinating.

I think Stroud drops come draft day.


There is an element of poker in play between GMs before, during, and after the draft, IMO. After is important because you don’t want to embarrass another GM and poison a relationship with a reusable rube.

High motor but one thing I will say is that he benefited from coverage AND from the play of his fellow linemen. I’d be a little gun shy of taking him before the 3rd actually. Hell, AJ Epenesa got all that fan fare a few years back and yet the Bills have used a first in 2021 on Rousseau, a second on Boogie Basham in 2021 and went out and got Von Miller in FA in 2022. I’d lean heavy on his RAS, Epenesa scored a 4.09,you read that right.

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Yeah that’s kinda the impression I got of him just by watching the games but man, Brugler thinks he’s gonna test off the charts. We’ll see I guess. He’s usually pretty good at this stuff.

Is Van Ness even a starter?

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No but he’s heavy in the rotation.

I see DT and then secondary with the top two picks.

I would talk to goff tell him we are not trading you but put it out there that lions are listening to offers

When your team is 32nd in defense, that makes sense.

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