Back-Up RB’s…

So, I was firmly against trading D. Swift for the same reasons for why we traded him. David Montgomery has had some injury concerns and he left practice today. Gibbs doesn’t lead me to believe he is an every down work horse type back. Seeing Montgomery leave practice early with an injury just gives me pause on what we truly have for depth. Anyone else concerned?

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Mo Ibrahim could be a Joike Bell type guy here and we got Craig still. That’s solid behind DMONT

Resign J Jackson to play behind Gibby


Swift would have been a problem if he was forced to stay.

There has been any discussion about it… but he has the same agent as Jalen Ramsey and DeShaun Watson.

I don’t see any way that he was going to be content as the #3 RB on the depth chart. Heck… the agent may have texted Holmes within minutes of the Gibbs pick to let him know he wanted out.

Hopmes and Campbell don’t want players who don’t want to be here.

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It’s interesting… you really can’t devote a lot of resources to RB3-4 in the league. People argued non-stop about the ‘value’ of a first round RB, and tossed out the relatively low numbers for the Franchise Tag on RBs. And that is for the best guys!

I feel like after your top 2 RBs, you just have to hope you have a capable front office who can find someone good to fill in. I have been fine-to-good with our backup RBs under Holmes, so will continue to trust that process…

No, because RB is the one NFL position where supply outstrips demand. It’s why you can pick up a guy like Craig Reynolds off the street, plug him in, and watch him run for over a hundred yards against a playoff team as we cruise to victory. Depth RB is the most replaceable spot on a roster.


still some spot-use guys on the market if needed to cover injuries…

surprised Kareem Hunt hasn’t received more interest…
it’s been awhile since his legal issues were in the news…


As long as our OL stays healthy I won’t be too worried about RB’s. Behind our OL it’s not hard to have an effective run game.


No. We’re going to cut a very good RB, maybe two, to get down to 53, and we can’t protect them all.
Monty is fine.
Gibbs played most downs last season. He can handle it, if need be.
I, for one, don’t like the idea of telegraphing your intentions with a 3rd Down “specialist”, to begin with.

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Ben Johnson telegraphs intentions all the time in 2nd halves…and then uses that against the defense.

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100% yes

While I can’t prove this, I think he does it from game to game…meaning…he’s putting things on film early in season that people will scout…and already knows which wrinkles will ■■■■ the packers, or someone else we play later in the season.

Wizardry. I did this when I was coaching too. We ran power I. I was very much a “win in the trenches” guy. We line up heavy left, we run left. We line up heavy right, we run right. Wing left…either a pass, run, or QB option to that side of the field, etc.

Late in games, when you are most likely already winning with your OL, they are cheating to where the play has been going…boom!..misdirection.

I’m no Ben Johnson, but it works at all levels…johnson is a Jedi!


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