Badgley back?

He does have the stronger leg. Just strange

he must be playing tonight…,
no reason to elevate a kicker unless he is the guy.

Not upset about it.


Yea can’t see 2 kickers active

we don’t kick FGs over 45 yards….
or on 4th and less than 17……

so…. nah.


I guarantee Fox could hit a 65 yarder…but who would hold his balls??


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I like it. I was vocal against Riley when we dealt for him again. Because of his limitations.

But Riley hasn’t missed anything long, they just can’t kick it from 50+. Were they not aware of this before the trade?

Only he is strong enough to hold his own balls. (Plus, it’s less awkward that way)

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Did King Tut build his own pyramid? Some people are too important to have to hold their own balls.

I agree with this, actually.
The only problem is…we have yet to create a technology that can “support” in that way…nothing powerful enough. Gotta get Elon Musk on it!

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They were. They just liked his consistency that has evaporated this season. IIRC, they swapped a 6th round 2025 pick for the Jags 7th round 2025 pick. So the acquisition wasn’t too costly.

No team in NFL history has ever made that trade and won the Super Bowl. Brad is in uncharted waters here.

Sorry, I’m against you my man. I hate to begrudge such an amazing athlete of 1,000 abilities, but FGs is Fox’s only weakness. It’s well documented.

Patterson inactive today

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Don’t make me break out that video. We both know it exists haha


Jack Fox missed a field goal, once.

The league fined the goal post and issued a public apology.

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