Badgley returns

Okay it’s not a what if. It is what they think. They did a study. And the evidence league wide is that that it’s not that important. There is more data but essentially if they are at the 50 they are going for it. They aren’t kicking it. He is great from 25 to 40 and that’s what they want him for……

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And he did hit 2 of 3 over 50 last year. It’s not like he has a noodle for a foot.


Check he was not the kicker in Vike loss.

The kicker hit 20 of his 24 field goal attempts in 12 games with the Lions in 2022, with a long of 53 yards. He was perfect on extra points.

He was ranked 18 in NFL tied with X Lion Patterson He is not as bad as some seem to think thats why he has a deal.

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I know it was Seibert, but Badgley doesn’t have the leg for that kick either.

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Not denying that is what they think, I just personally think its the wrong move.

I understand the logic of wanting someone who can be money inside 40 yards because sometimes there are got to have it kicks and you want someone you know if you get to a certain range it’s basically guaranteed.

You get the ball down by 2 with 40 seconds and a timeout. It’s a lot easier to get to the 40 for a game winner than inside the 30.

When playing good teams in January it is crucial to have that ability, IMO.

Also, I don’t think Badgley is money inside 50 either. He had so many wobbly kicks and bad hits on even his makes that I think he flops. He has bounced around the league quite a bit and the Lions or the rest of the NFL did not value him much by looking at that contract.

For all the great things Holmes/Campbell have done, they clearly have struggled mightily in finding the right kicker.

Signing Badgley was 100% the right move. He was with us last year and his conversion rate was solid. He makes for a good backup plan, but I’d be shocked if the Lions didn’t add some legit competition.

He made 2 out 3 fifty an longer 8out of 10 from 40 to 49 His long was 53

**There is no problem with his distance. Its not what they want on kick offs not FGs

Thats why they use Fox on kickoffs.


He really has a lot of fear → not as confident as I would like him to be. He’s one of the guys I would really like to work with, for sure.

I just don’t feel good about him in clutch situations. His energy is not that of a winner at all.

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100% true → I see this too…it makes us more predictable & they know to be more mindful of Fox’s throws. We lose a degree of element of surprise.

That said, I 100% believe in Brad & Dan.

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I would be looking for ways to further weaponize our best player. He’s truly a triple threat. SO much more valuable than he gets credit for.

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Recent footage of Fox training this offseason…

Lifting Weights Gym GIF