Baka Umai in Portland, OR

I hope the mods don’t mind some shameless self promotion from me. I’ve been a part of this board for a looooooong time, but I haven’t been very active since I’ve been working on opening my ramen shop. Unfortunately I will be working Sundays but I will still be keeping my finger on the pulse of the Lions until the day I die. If you get a chance please stop by for some amazing, unique ramen and we’ve got bento bowls and fried chicken if you are looking for something lighter.

Baka Umai
4707 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, OR 97214


Say what? I live in Portland. I’m also quite a ramen fan and lived in Japan for several months. I’ll swing by!

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Awesome! Small world sometimes. We aren’t Japanese traditional as it would be suicide to try to beat the Japanese at their own game. We’ve got a lot of unique combos that work well together.
We make all of our noodles in house (except gluten free) and most of our sauces from scratch.

Very cool! You open today? I’ll check it out. I’ll bring you a six pack from my brewery

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Yes we are open until 8pm today! Slooooow day so I could give you a tour on the inside. We are only open for take out so far. Need to remodel once more before we open.

Word. See you in about an hour or two! :beers:

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Was great to meet you today! Really tasty kaaragee and katsu!

Enjoy the beers :beers:


I’m moving to SE Portland on Friday,the 26th. I’ll come bye!

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Yea it was great to meet you. Thanks for the beer. Was a perfect way to ease into the night. Here’s to future endeavors!

Nice! Swing on by! We are getting some picnic tables this week for some sidewalk service.

I personally think the thread is fine but it should be in OTT so I moved it accordingly.

Good luck with your shop. I hope you have success.


Good luck man. If I ever get out there, I’ll be sure to stop by.

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Very nice, great menu, if I were there I’d be all over the “Chorizo-men-15”, spicy is where I live. Good luck man, Des Moines would be a great landing spot if you ever look to expand. Iowa, not Washington.

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Absolutely awesome, Lionsblood!

If I ever get to Portland, I know where I’m going to go eat!

Where did you learn to make all this stuff? Tell us a little bit about your background and cooking history.


Now I have a reason to ride my Harley from Oklahoma to Oregon!!

What is like weather wise, snow fall in September or early October?!

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It’s 100 Degrees in the arctic. Oregon should be like Florida.

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Ok - now that was a smart remark!!


I’d take about fours days to roll that way - stay a few and head back some other way…

Probably a 10-14 day, 4000 mile road trip!!

…make sure you visit my brewery before riding back for some road sodas :yum:

What’s the name of your brewery and where is it ?