Baker Mayfield vs Jarred Goff stats since 2021

So ive been hearing a few people say “dont sleep on baker like we slept on geno last year”

While this is true.
1 TBs offense is no wear near as good as SEA.
2 Mayfield has been in a steady decline.

Since Thanksgiving 2021. Goff is elite and Baker is well. Statistically the worst starting QB in the NFL right. Well 2nd worst behind Love.

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Mayfield is becoming like a blackhead on our back. He went to the Rams and played well enough to ruin what could have been the first overall pick

Then he chokes in the one game we needed him to win for us to get into the playoffs

If he beats us Sunday I’m going to officially hate him whereas before I didn’t really care


We aren’t playing the 2021 version of Mayfield. We are playing the 2023 version that has lead Tampa to a 3-1 record with a 101.5 QB rating, 7 TD to 2 INT.


Sure. If you look at only the numbers. Sure, Goff is better. But Baker played on a shoulder that no qb could be successful…he couldn’t throw. Then he went to a shit Panther team right before rhule got fired and he was a backup in LA. Meanwhile Goff has had continuity, Ben Johnson, an elite Offensive line and stellar wrs. I posted a video in another thread where Mike Martz was talking about how he has fixed a great many of his issues that we all remember him as having. Lions should win. but judge baker on THIS YEAR bc this year he is a completely different player and playing on a good level. We should win. Baker is the lesser qb. But stats from two years ago don’t prove anything.


he has that “i’m a cocky prick vibe” I for one do not miss his commercials.

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You mean the Baker that played
GARBAGE Vikings and still threw for 61%
Worst defense in the nfl Chicago?
Good Philly team 60% comp and only 5 yards per attempt.
Or over rated NO team.

Yea the truth is probably in the middle some where.
But TB doesnt run well. 87 yards per game. They will be lucky to get 60 vs the lions.

Then asking baker to do it all?
Baker gets the ball out QUICKz
So probably little to no sacks. But its going to be all quick short passes.
Lions just need to press man coverage and maybe jump a route

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Let’s be the team to expose a fraud for once.


We already thumped the Panthers who were being a blackhead. Beating us on their ice rink, then trying to poach all our coaches

Time for more payback


I aint scared of Baker. The Bucs can’t run the ball.

Hey Dline… Time to Hunt the Baker.


Wow. That’s an impressive amount of overstatement.

Continuity? Yep - on a team that won 4 of the first 24 games he played w/them. That’s “continuity” most players would sooner do without.

Ben Johnson? Yep, he’s awesome. And Goff has had Johnson as an OC for a season + 5 games. Not exactly dynastic stuff there.

Stellar wide receivers? Since 2021? Good grief, man. I love JRey and Leaf, but Goff’s had exactly ONE above-average starting WR in three seasons.

Elite offensive line? Only on paper, especially in re pass blocking, until this year.

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Since the start of last year

1 Offense has been top 5 in the nfl in nearly every metric.

2 the losses last year were 100% because the defense was under performing to the point were it was historically bad. But then after the bye week last year till now. Top 10 defense in every category.

3 and ben johnson WILL be a head coach somewhere. So yes he’s dynamic. Any good OC worth anything only lasts 2-3 years before getting a HC job.

4 stellar receivers? Yes.
St brown is a top 15 WR in the nfl.
Kaylif has the most separation in the nfl. And its not even close. The explosive speed is deadly
Raynolds is just a solid safety net.
And TJ people say hes top 10. In the nfl. Well LaPorta is better so yes the reciving core is at minimum above average to top10. And thats before we get to Jamo.

5 and as for the oline. Is elite. Consistently in the top 5 in the nfl even with having backups like Brown, Skip, Glasgow and Nelson in there.

So since mid way through 2021. The offense has been CONSISTENTLY great! Since mid way through 2022 the defense has been CONSISTENTLY great.

Thats what makes great teams vs good teams. Consistency.

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We owe him .

Yup - I agree. Also - put LaPorta in there with targets to help…he really runs deep routes too.

Jesus dude.

I started to a pretty in depth reply and then i was like Why? Why waste my energy?

Literally everything you said doesn’t matter. Compared to the Baker all the things I said were correct.

Few things:

  1. Ben Johnson was working with Goff the second Goff got to Detroit and he took over play calling duties the second Alynn was relieved of them at the bye that first year. So Ben has been calling the plays now for a full two seasons worth of games. Dan was vague and not specific that initial year to protect him from the media.

  2. Jared has had one hc. 2 OC’s. 1 QBC in 3 years. Baker has had 4 HC’s, 4 OC’s, 4 qbc’s in 3 years. One of Baker’s coaching staffs is out of the NFL and most are at Nebraska. Stefanski might be getting fired this year. Yes. Jared has had more continuity.

  3. The offensive line is elite. Especially compared to the offensive lines Baker has had over the last few years that are being compared. This year…better offensive line…better qb play from baker.

  4. Josh reynolds is a stellar wr for Goff. Doesn’t matter what the world thinks. Goff thinks so and always has. His play immediately picked up when they signed josh. This year is part of the equation.

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McVay, Anthony Lynn, DC, and then BJ.

And 1 stellar possession receiver.

Tampa is a good test team for us. It’s a team we should beat but that team has enough talent to beat us. So I wouldn’t take them lightly by any means.

They stack up well against our defense. Our defensive weakness is their strength.

Tampa is 3-1 and in first place in their division.

Their defense is allowing 17pts a game while their offense is averaging 21 pts a game.

They are the #1 ranked team in turnover margin and #2 ranked team in take-a-ways. Any team that good at turnovers is a force to reckon with.

They are 32nd in rushing yardage but 5th in rushing attempts. They will try to run and they will use it to setup their passing attack.

They pass on 53% of their plays but do so with a 69% completion percentage. That’s a testament to Baker Mayfield. They move the ball just fine as a result.

This is a team that likely ends the season with about 10 wins.

The Lions are the better team and would likely win this matchup 2 out of 3 times but TB definitely could beat us and I think their team structure stacks up well vs our defense. This is a team that wins by making fewer mistakes than their opponents.

Lions win 24-20


My best estimate.
Lions → 3 keys to winning

  1. Strike First
  2. Strike Hard
  3. No Mercy

We’ve got this!

Their turnover ratio changes after this game, dramatically. Kerbz is overdue. Gotta get some pressure. Our DBs are great in run support, but half of 'em are out. DL gonna have to pick up some slack.

Lions will score high 30s - low 40s
D won’t have to hold 'em too low
…but they will anyway. Get the baker back in the kitchen after this one.

Lions!!! What is your profession!?!?

300 movie boat GIF by 300: Rise of an Empire

Hey Genius, I have been talking about the last 27 games in Detroit as the OP posted a stat based on his last 27 games in Detroit. Ben Ben Johnson was calling the plays with Dan the second Alynn was relieved.

he has had 2 oc’s in his time in Detroit. BUT THE POINT OF THIS CONVERSATION WAS THE SAMPLE SIZE OF THE LAST 27 GAMES FOR GOFF, Anthony Lynn was out of the picture when this sample size began. So he has no bearing on this conversation. Baker’s experience over the last 19-27 games has been split between 4 different teams…4 different coaching staffs. Jared Goff has had one hc. Anthony lynn for 7-8 games and then Dan and BJ who offensively come from the same cloth and have created an identity together…

Baker was still in Cleveland when this comparison started.

Mcvay wasn’t even in the picture.

Ok, my bad…but I still don’t think what you’re saying is 100% correct for several reasons. And feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and don’t forget to throw-out some insults, it seems like that’s what you need to do.

Lynn was demoted, Ben Johnson wasn’t handed the play-calling duties, Dan Campbell took over…at least for awhile (or maybe the rest of that season, can’t remember exactly how that transition ended-up playing out).
Despite losing the primary responsibility usually attached to his position, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn said Thursday he did not consider surrendering play-calling duties to coach Dan Campbell in Pittsburgh a demotion. “I wouldn’t say that. I don’t know, I don’t see it as a demotion,” Lynn said.Nov 19, 2021

Also, how many games has this “elite” O-line played together in the last 27 games?

And as everyone else has stated, “stellar WR’s” is a huge over-statement, like in the realm of just straight-up bull5hit…but it’s your stories to tell and sell.

How about all the Tight Ends Goff has had to throw too the past few years?
How about the all the different RB’s he’s had in the backfield the last few years?

Yep, continuity.

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insulting? To you? 100%. I own that without issue.

But listen do what you do best cry to the mods or make some stupid empty threat.

Dan told the public…you…that he was in charge of play calling. Behind the scenes he and ben were doing it together.

Lynn is going to say that bc he respects dan and dan did it w class…but there were several stories about how bad lynn was that never made it to the light…thats how good dan amd brad handled this.

I said stellar. I meant steller. I dont care if you disagree or want to nitpick, you are especially good at that. That is what you do as the passive aggressive little guy that you are.