Bakhtiari talked to ref before the calls

And then followed it up with an acting job worthy of a World Cup Soccer player tilting his head back whenever Flowers touched him


NFL players doing their version of an NBA flop. Sickening.
Even cage-fighting is sometimes called unfairly.
No sports left to watch, if the NFL decides not to fix this. I would rather watch fire ants bite me in teh eyeballs than watch soccer. LOL.

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Maybe at 68 that ref should be forced to retire and get younger ones who can see and not guess. By then again. Maybe he needed that extra “payday” he got from this

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No team in the NFL has been coached the “tells” better than McCarthy’s Green Bay Packers.

I really don’t know why the rest of the league hasn’t caught up. The rules aren’t the rules. The way the rules are enforced are the rules. How they’re enforced has everything to do with what the refs are looking for. They don’t see everything. Identify what they do see and go from there.

On top of that, they’re coached to test each ref’s willingness to throw the flag. They establish new borders this way.

One thing I like about us establishing a defense that plays a LOT of man coverage is that the refs will have to get used to us playing physical. That will naturally extend the amount of contact that we’re allowed. If you’re playing off-man or zone too much, those close-contact plays will usually not go your way.

If I’m angered by anything, it’s that the league allows itself to be punked by these guys. It’s obvious what’s going on, but they still march out on the field and get played. This story is the icing on the cake. Not only do they do what they do (packers), but they’re emboldened enough to talk about it. If I’m a ref, I take offense to this and determine to be better, if not critical when I call their next game.

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What you are talking about sounds like what the Seahawks used to say. “You can’t call all of them!” So just keep mugging receivers and eventually the refs will adjust rather than throw 15 straight flags on you.

I remember the 2004 Pistons got the refs to adjust to their style of play. BOTH teams could be alot more physical in that game vs the other games.

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If you can’t beat em, join em?

It’s not just what they’re willing to let the players get away with, but specifically what they’re looking for as a tell that penalty has been committed. (jersey-pull, looking at the sky, etc.)

Of course Schneider’s Seahawks would play with that same bravado. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I remember the “tell” that the Packers were holding. The ball was snapped, that was the “tell.” LOL

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The ole “how do you know when a politician is lying” rule. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


The thing people are overlooking is that it isn’t just a matter of “asking”. Because he is a Packer they listened and reacted.

Put him in a Lion uniform and have him say the same thing to the same ref…it would not result in two huge calls against the Packers.

It just wouldn’t


We can’t know for sure, unless we see it. If I were a gambling man, I’d put a large sum of money on it though. Completely agree.

The League is corrupt

The packers are well known for this.

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We can know for sure. Ask TJ Lang.



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Yup- forgot about that - 100% correct!

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i’ll add my thoughts. i think you have to sell the penalties some times.

i can’t tell you how many times i see people complain about an interference call against the lions and yet on teh field the lion receiver never gives any indication that they think they were interfered with. to me that’s a big sign that it probably wasn’t an interference and that lion fans aren’t being objective in those cases.

that said, if you think you were interfered with, then make it known. help the refs see what you see or know is happening. there’s nothing wrong with that. if you don’t ask, you aint gonna receive. i rarely see lions players complaining about being held (DL) or receivers complaining about being mugged which leads me to believe we’re getting into conspiracy theories on some of the calls.

if i thought i was being held as an DL or mugged as a receiver and it wasn’t getting called i’d be letting the refs know. if i felt my OL were getting lopsided calls for holding i’d be telling my DL to bitch about getting held. i would also tell my players that if you’re bumped and you think it’s legal or borderline to raise a fuss once in awhile just because you keep the officials aware.

this is what i’ve seen watching the games anyway over the years.

for the outright and countless times we’ve been jobbed for decades on more explicit calls well i have no answer for that other than that we’ve been screwed :wink: and perhaps that the coaches need to start speaking out more.