Baldy: Jameson Williams Is 'More Than Just a Speed Merchant'

Campbell isn’t the only individual bullish on Williams’ stock for the 2024 season, either. NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger also heaped praise upon the 23-year-old on a recent episode of “The Insiders,” labeling Williams as “more than just a speed merchant.”

“Now there were a lot of pieces in this Detroit Lions offense, but nothing is like the speed that this man has. He just runs at a different speed,” Baldinger said while breaking down film of Williams from last season. “He runs right by (Cowboys defensive back) DaRon Bland right there. And, when you watch him in the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers, the opening drive of the game, they flip it to him on an end-around for 42 yards. The next thing you know, the Lions are up, 7-0. Like he just outran the pursuit angle of the 49ers, and he also scored the final touchdown of the game.


I do wonder what the overall catch distribution looks like if Jamo has 80+ catches.

The issue I see is that ARSB has such an insanely high catch to target percentage that it will be hard to not give him 120+ targets.


I wonder what the overall catch distribution looks like if Jamo scores a touchdown 25% of the time he touches the ball. 'Cause that will reduce the number of plays per drive, and hence the number of targets for the team overall.



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Great question. Our defense is gonna get really tired of us scoring too damn fast all the time.

Nice problem to have.

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Nah, once we’re up by 14, that’s when DMo puts on his hard hat and goes to work breaking defensive coordinators’ spirits, 4-5 yards at a time.


100%. This WILL be “a thing”. I think Jamo will be highest in the league in Yards per touch.


Jerry Rice once scored 22 TDs on 65 catches.


More would be better but full disclosure:

I love speed merchants.

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But Wayne said….

Wow. Never heard that stat before. Pretty amazing.

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Interesting point. So it basically comes down to owning time of possession.

I was about to post something in a similar vein, but from the defensive perspective. What if our defense turns the corner and stops the long drives and gets more three and outs…or even turnovers. Our time if possession should increase and hence more target opportunities…well unless they just run Monty and Gibbs down their throats.

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Jamo’s game high for catches is 5. Which he did once. Even with the very significant leap in production we all hope for it seems VERY unlikely to me that his current career high is about to become his average over the course of 16-17 games played. Especially with ARSB, LaPorta and Gibbs eating hungrily at that trough.

Barring injuries to other key guys, which none of us want, I’m not seeing it.

Oh I doubt this also

I was just spitballing

If he has 80 and ARSB has 100+ again this team will either be setting records or be in the dumpster

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The fact that Rice only had 65 catches is even more surprising.

Edit… looked it up. He only played 12 games. So those 22 TD’s are even more impressive

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