"Ball Control" Fallacy

There is a misconception that teams with bad defenses (us) are well served to play “ball-control” offense by running the football, eating clock, and “keeping the defense off the field.”

This is a silly notion that needs to be disabused. We simply need to score more points than our opposition, and the best way for us to do is to leverage our passing game. It doesn’t matter if we churn 8 minutes of clock if we come away with three points and the other team marches down the filed for 7. A couple iterations of that and we are done 21-9 and are forced into “must pass” anyways.

This isn’t hockey or soccer - we can’t perpetually possess the ball. The opposition will get as many possessions as we do per the rules of the game. We should be doing everything we can to maximize the value of possessions. Passing is more efficient than running. And our quarterback is our best player.

A smart approach to most games we play is a lot of passing on early downs. But I’m sure we’ll go run-run-pass for the foreseeable future, and will continue to play losing football.

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Haven’t we done this for 11 years and lost?

Love big words like disabused and iterations… but your using faulty logic my friend …

the about cut shows it clearly imho…

The problem here is not “Ball Control” its redzone off.!!

as you mentioned… we cant take FGs all day over TD’s; we must convert RZ TD’s…

we do that, and ball control becomes our friend as we are wearing down the defense both physically as well as mentally…

Yeah the Ball control I want to FLACKING see is DEFENSE , it’s about time we get a defense that is tougher than the Girlscouts we always find. guess we have to hang 50 points on a game so our defense can’t fakthelead. . or let opponents just rack up points at will…LIONS entire staff has to figure the Defense out !