'Bama Boys


Pretty smooth pic, I thought.


Jamo and Gibbs both went to Bama for about 6 months… but it was a very memorable 6 months :laughing:


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Go Blue College Football GIF by Michigan Athletics

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Six players from 'Bama and thats only two NFL teams.

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The Eagles roster is 20 percent Georgia Speedracers! I mean Bulldogs

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Let me know if they’re gonna show up…not exacrtly the workers i would bet on here…

Alabama has a bad NFL record…(players that are a success in the NFL)

Overrated player’s that flame out like Isaiah Buggs…

Michigan is also overrated…so…

Overrated players vs. Overrated players…

Not something i would bet on…

If i had to bet…it wouldn’t be trash-can Michigans offensive line…

jj McCarthy in the SEC?


Yeah…go pray on those SEC goal posts…

Are you kidding me?

Isaiah “flame-out” Buggs…you’re last hope.


backing up homer simpson GIF

Michigan or Alabama’…

Who will win? @LineBusy

Clairvoyance is not my thing. Gonna be a great game, though.

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Look at Alabama players in the draft…to the NFL…

Not a good “hit” rate …

Mostly busts…

Flordia is very bad as well

I wouldn’t draft anyone from Florida…ever

The NFL has tons of good NFL players. Like dozens. Don’t really care about hit rate. I imagine the bottom of their roster gets raided for special teams and depth purposes.

So, I take it you don’t want Chauncey Gardner back, or you just don’t draft UF players?

Bama Boys, reminds me of one of my favorite threads…

The “Bama boys” are well coached. I hope Michigan wins the Rose Bowl, but I’m a big Nick Saban fan as a person. I have used stuff from his talks about teams in my career. It works. It’s not a surprise his players go pro. It’s not a surprise he has 6 national championships.


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