Bandwagon Filling Up!

I like Eisen…
Something we already know! Good take here.


I’ve been on the bandwagon so long that the seat had so many splinters that it had to be replaced several times.


This thread needs more attention. Not just for the bandwagon line, but Eisen just predicted the Lions to host a home playoff game in 2023.



Strange times we are living in.

I don’t think many of us here are disagreeing with what he’s saying. It will be interesting to see how many others jump on board.

Will also be interesting to see how our Lions handle expectations. Last year was a different narrative.

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This is a great point!
As a young team playing with an underdog mentality is much different than being THE team others are gunning for.
Dan’s message this year will have to change with the times. It will be a new challange for him, I expect him to conquer this, but it is new territory for him as HC.


Think this was posted in another thread that dealt with bandwagon fans.


Last year was “Grit”.

This year, “Grittier”.


Very true – but they are aware of this, and actually have some experience with it. At the end of the year when they were favored in games, Goff brought up the fact that they have to have a different mindset from that of the lovable underdog. For me, that was a Goff highlight – helping with the culture…


Does someone need to hold an intervention for Kay? She’s skin and bones, man.

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The narrative will be the same inside of our locker room, fellas.
Just because the national media has changed their narrative means nothing about the narrative inside of that locker room.
Inside our locker room, nothing has changed.
This is EXPECTED from our team, staff, & front offices.
Same narrative.
just keep improving.
When we win the SB, it will be the same…just keep improving & give 'em our best every week!

Winners win. Coach Dan is a winner. Best coach in NFL


@BigNatty Love your take and agree for the most part. We have been in synch from Dan & Brads arrival on most everything.
The difference going into 2023 is not from inside our locker room, it will be how our opponent will take us. That comes from a national narrative. This will lead to our opponents scouting us more, getting emotionally ready more. I see 2023 as the most challenging year the team will face since Dan started.
Teams will be gearing up to face the Lions, Green Bay, Chicago and Minny will have us circled on their calendars, and not just them.
I expect us to win the North, but it’s not going to be easy, this is the year our young team grows the most. They are all coming after us. It’s a battle we will win, but a few fights will be lost along the way.

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Why hello there, Kay?
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Good point. I see truth in this as well.
Guessing all of our team will too.
Also…when it comes to our opposition & what they think…“f*-K 'em”
I know that won’t impact other teams, but this is more intensity & prep for SB victories, as all the rest of this is as well.
I mean it when I say…the closest thing we have to compare to this thing is Bill Cowher’s Steelers. I can see them winning even more than that. Possible multiple titles.

He did say that about the Raiders last year as well though!

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