Barnes is on the move

He’s starting to bring it.


Bowling ball with butcher knives!


There you go Cap, pretty good read and your man is moving up. Good to hear.


I think this explains a lot, the coaches are not being bias, it was the ball went right and Barnes went left !. Witch says he just wasn’t ready. But it sounds like he is getting there.


When I watched his film from Purdue, he clearly had the talent for pass rushing from the edge, chasing down ball carriers, and making solid tackles behind the line of scrimmage.

Glad to hear that the mental side of the game is catching up to his physical attributes.

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This is what we have all seen (save one). He has the physical tools but the mental wasn’t ready. Malcom has some physical limitations but the mental was far ahead for a rookie.


This bit kind of made me laugh:

(About Rodriguez) "He’s just always had to fight the perception of being undersized at 5-foot-11 and 230 pounds.

With Barnes, he’s got the size (6-0, 238), speed and explosiveness that is ideal for the position."

Yep. 1 inch and 8 pounds. With one, you are ‘undersized’ and the other you’ve ‘got the size.’ Pretty ridiculous. Of course, Rodriguez’s numbers may be puffed up, and he may actually be smaller than that…


Arm length or total wingspan is 3 inches shorter for Rodriquez. It’s in the RAS. That 3 inches can be the difference on making a tackle, shedding a block or knocking away a pass. If he is in the right position with the right angles, he should have the leverage and length he needs to make those plays and he usually is.

Campbell commented Rodriguez needs to play perfect football from read to position or else he doesn’t have the length to offset mistakes. That was like 3 weeks ago.

Consider this, you can move something like 3 feet in .2 tenths of a second. A LBs ability to process and get to the right position with the right momentum far outweighs 40 speed or wingspan if you don’t get the reaction right first. Barnes going the wrong way took that speed and length out of the play many times last season.

Anzalone also went the wrong way a lot, especially early in the season. Hard to say if he was trying to overcompensate for the guy next to him taking the wrong lane. He looked slow in his angles but most of the guys did. I think that is why they are moving to an attacking front. Less guess work than the read and react system they ran last year.


One significant difference is arm length for pass defense, warding off blockers, extending for tackles: Barnes 33 3/8" vs Rodrigo 30 1/8" per

That’s what she said.


Excited Season 7 GIF by The Office

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Misleading thread title of the years go to………

Man i was a bit shocked when I first read before I clicked


Jarrad Davis. He has the speed, size and attitude.

He is just running a 286 chip.

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1 inch matters. Just ask your ole lady.




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if he gets it between his ears he will be one hell of a LB.

He is fast an big an strong an once i hope he gets it he will be very good.

We have to remember he was moved off the D line as a pro.

We have seen way he can stop a RB an i mean stop no couple yards falling forward.

When we see those means he made right read an we have seen some now its just more.


Big transition for the kid
Hopefully it’s starting to slow down for him
We need as many guys as possible to get it this year

Okudah— that kid had a tough start
Poor coaching, COVID and injury
It’d be awesome if things started clicking for him as well

If 2-3 guys can break through on the defense, the team could surprise this year.

CuriousHusker has influenced me in that regard and that Sheppard video hammered it home for me. The Colts game gives me hope. One of my spotlights will be on Barnes tomorrow.

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