Bears and Texans are done - eliminated baby!

We are still alive and we are NOT the first team eliminated for once!

Not the SOL


This team keeps playing the way they have the last 3 weeks, and we’re winning the Super Bowl.
We wanted meaningful games in December? Well, we just won the first one.
Let’s roll, Lions!


I fully expect us to beat the pants off Minnesota next week.


With Seattle looking to win as well as the 49rs…. Our playoff hope , especially with that tie game, took a major hit.


We just gotta take care of business. Win out. There is not a team in the league that can’t be outplayed or outcoached by us.



We are also officially eliminated from the #1 seed with the vikes winning.

We must get 9 to 19 win and have let losses… from other teams

But! We are still in the race after t he first weekend on Dec baby!!


And that’s all that matters. Just get in.

I believe we can run the table. Beat Minnesota next week and the jets, and we are looking good.

Take care of business with the bears and panthers… then beat the packers at GB, again.

We got this

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It would be great to make the playoffs but even a 9-8 or 8-9 finish would be a VAST improvement.


If we win out we finish 10-7. BIG if!
I am very confident 10-7 gets us a WC berth and no team in the NFL will want to play us.


Rams are officially eliminated from the top five seeds!

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I was rooting for both of them

I ran some playoff scenarios on ESPN where

Lions finish 10-7

Both Wash & NYG eliminated

Dallas & SF are the top 2 wildcards

And the Lions go on the road to face the Vikings in Rd 1 of the playoffs


And a cool side piece imho…

If we lose to the vikes, we are eliminate from the division title race for the North.

We bear them, then we are still mathematically alive for the division as well!

There’s got to be some motivation with that fact imho!

Lol - there are like 150+ scenarios for us to be eliminated from the 5th seed as well; but all include us losing…

We beat the vikes and we go another week with at least the 4/7 seed still alive for us!!!

the bears lost again…what a surprise… i really need to start gambling, ha ha I said they lose by 10, they lost by 9

Fields only 2 picks… seems a little low