Bears Draft

Drake Maye is my guy… He is basically a mobile Stafford. Herbert/Stafford is my comp. I’m just wishing the Bears don’t draft him, i believe he will be a top 10 QB within 3 years in the league.

@Thats2 Caleb Williams or Drake Maye who you got rated higher?

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I want them to draft the guy with the highest risk of being a bust since this is a lions forum and I’m a lions fan


If Fields beats Green Bay today…Fields is their guy.

They trade #1 overall to a QB needy team and go into 2025 with an extra 1st rounder as well.

They could end up with Harrison and Bowers out of this draft. They could get a top WR AND a top defender.

This game is VERY important for the Bears. They want to follow in the Lions footsteps by knocking Green Bay out of the playoffs.

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I hope they keep Fields. He is playing well but he’s never going to be a top 5 QB. I hope he has a huge game against the packers and gets a monster contract this offseason

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I laugh my a## off if they keep Fields.

If they keep Eberflus and GM, it sure looks like keeping Fields. I would think if someone offers them multiple 1’s, and maybe a 2 or 3, they trade out. If not, gotta believe they draft harrison jr.

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As long as they keep eberlost and that o cord erin coattails guy they have no chance. Lets hope they win today so they hurt the packers and also so they dont fire that dumpster fire staff for at least another year.

I think this is a huge game for the Bears. If they get rolled like they did week 1 I think there could be a lot of changes in Chicago. If they win, on paper they will have the best off season most likely and look to compete with us next year for the North.

Not sure they could get the same but they have a legit benchmark. The Bears could trade down, get a haul and still get a QB. This is the best draft class for a QB in some time.

Last years haul.

What can Bears get for number 1 pick?

If the Bears trade the first overall pick they could get a significant haul — greater than last year’s trade for the top selection, which included wide receiver DJ Moore, two first-round picks (which became Darnell Wright and this year’s No. 1 pick) and two second rounders (which became Tyrique Stevenson and a 2025

I would keep Fields, I personally believe that he still has ceiling. They may not have to move past 3 to make a haul.

It’s going to be an interesting draft for sure. Panthers traded up and are a complete mess. Houston gets Stroud at 2 and he looks like the best QB to come out in a long long time. 10 wins and a playoff birth as a rookie.

If you mortgage the future for a QB you better nail it.

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Although the Bears don’t have to mortgage anything, I’ll go on record saying I’m not sure Williams is the best QB in this draft. So, sit back and let the draft come to you. No hurry whatsoever.

Marvin Harrison Jr and DJ Moore will be a lethal combo.

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I’ll laugh my ass off if GB gets punked at home, two years running.

Dear God, please make this happen.

It will. The Bears are on a mission to prove something. The Pack will not live up to the challenge as the Bears pass rush will get home.

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Fields has looked decent recently.

Hopefully just enough to be thought of as their starter moving forward and nothing more than “decent” :wink:

Here is what the Bears should (and what I hope they do not do).

1:) They should roll it back. OC being the one issue. Whatever the solution there, Fields needs to have input and they just need to really lean into the things that he’s terrific at.

2:) they should trade back. I don’t think they are ultimately getting 3 1s but they can get another deal like last year. One ready to go young, veteran blue chip starter plus two ones and a 2. I don’t think they’ll need to drop much past 5 or 6.

3:) draft MHII or Nabors

4;) add to the Defense and DL. And still have draft capital equity next year if Fields doesn’t shine.

Between the two I’m still a Caleb guy. He’s definitely suffering from prospect fatigue right now, but I really try and remember what it was that made us love these guys in the first place.

Last year everyone was down on Will Anderson but I still loved him, mostly because I couldn’t shake his 2021 tape. I feel the same about Caleb.

They’re both great prospects, though.

As for what the Bears should do, I agree 100% with @CuriousHusker’s plan above.

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Caleb and Will are on totally different ends of the spectrum in terms of personality types.

That’s going to be the rub with Caleb. He won’t be for every team I’d imagine.

Right, I only meant to compare them re: prospect fatigue. They will definitely be viewed very differently.

I don’t mind that attitude as much with a QB. It’s an air of I’m better than you and a lot of the greats have had it. As long as it doesn’t alienate teammates (and it doesn’t seem to), it can be harnessed in a positive way. Especially if you can get them to pretend it’s not how they are. Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, they’re all like that too but they pretend to be one of 53. (I think Kyler is currently in the process of learning this). Probably helps that they’re nice people.

The entitled side is a little more concerning, but I would hope the past half-year has humbled him. Plus he’s still just a kid. Eli and Elway were a little entitled too, and I doubt those fanbases regret drafting him. Something for the FOs to suss out.