Bears' evaluation of Justin Fields kicks into gear with QB back as starter

" The decision to either move on from Justin Fields or potentially select a top passer"

Say what? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

" or do the Bears look to trade Fields to a QB-needy team"

Trade him to the Panthers. They need a QB.

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Lets somehow blow them out but make Fields look good.

Fields is a much better QB than he’s being painted as. When they get some bread and butter plays established and he can play with a little more confidence in what he’s seeing around him, he’s going to change the narrative.

He doesn’t play in as complete of a team as Minny, but he should give us Lions fans the same pause that Dobbs does.

I think we win today, but only because of our offense. Might not need 40 points again, but I do expect Fields to have our defense essentially paralyzed by playing “containment” football without the ability to make a play when he holds the ball too long.

Probably avoiding the Den today while the anxiety increases and brings out the gnashing of teeth. Gonna be that kind of game, I suspect.

First team to 35???