Bears find help in GM search

Let’s hope they also choose to enlist Ernie Accorsi… although is bill polian also an nfl dinosaur?


The Chicago Bears, per Ted Phillips himself, will feature a search committee comprised of Director of Player Engagement LaMar “Soup” Campbell, Director of Events Tanesha Wade, HOF Exec Bill Polian, Team President Ted Phillips, and George McCaskey. Effectively, this new GM will indeed be interviewed as if they are becoming the new Team President themselves.

This would roughly be the Lions equivalent of

Accorsi as hired NFL retread outsider

and Director of Events.


This will absolutely be a

According to the article, the new GM will report directly to McCaskey, not Phillips any longer. This will allow Phillips to focus on the acquisition (who needs how much in bribes) of the Arlington Heights property for building the new stadium :stadium:

I remember when we did this and Ernie Eccorsi completely F-ed us for five years.


Eccorsi can go swallow Quinn’s bat

Sum Bitch

Bob Quinn is available! :smirk:


More importantly Matt Millen is available!

The Bears should not bother with a search and just hire Millen as GM AND Head Coach ASAP!!!


Love that they are using an outside consultant.

Pretty much guarantees they end up with a clown at GM for the next 5 years.

Former Lions CB:

Lamar Christopher Campbell, nicknamed Soup, is a former professional American football player who played cornerback for five seasons for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. He currently serves as the Vice President of Player Engagement of the Chicago Bears.

Please no Jim Harbaugh back in the NFl, especially in the NFCN…

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