Bears-Lions Comeback Highlights

For your viewing pleasure.


Final 2 plays -

:40 seconds left, no timeouts

3rd and 2 from the 8 yd line

Ben Johnson calls RUN, RUN

These coaches believe in the players, more than the players believe in themselves.

What a perfect ending to have Monty carry the winning TD.


I hope at least one lions player turned and played the guitar at fields like he did to us after his long run lol

Honestly we could have run for 250 yards if we wanted to. We averaged 5 yards per carry


Campbell said in the postgame he wished they would’ve been able to get him the ball more. Getting our asses kicked in TOP put a wrench in that. But those last two drives were beautiful!


For sure…we would have run it way more but we turned it over so much.

And somehow still won. But this Lions rushing attack is lethal with a healthy monty and gibbs


We barely had the ball and they combined for 170 total yards and 2 TDs


FOUR turnovers.
Otherwise I think we curb stomp them sooooo hard.

The energy of this game was like 2 brothers. They are on their way to karate class and the younger brother keeps slapping the older brother in the back of the head…he’s feeling frisky and thinks he can get away with it, and he can tell his older brother is tired and not wanting to fight

…until the older brother just snaps and beats his ass with total dominance.



On that last 3rd down Moore was open and if he Fields hits him in stride I think he gets the 1st

cat played awesome today

Video unavailable.
So I start work at 4:00 ( ET) and the last I heard, it was under three minutes and the Lions needed two TDs. With 4 turnovers, I figured a division loss. Get set at work at find out at 5 that the Lions won!
I wanted these highlights. Don’t know how they did it.

I DID watch the end of Minn. losing!

Goff was fantastic in the hurry up. Id like to see more of it

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Those highlights are great, but for sheer entertainment value watching Bears YouTubers melt down can’t be beat.

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They needed to run more. That defense was on the field too long and Goff was struggling.

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