Bears-Lions preview with Dave Wannstedt

Good thoughts from the former Bears coach on Campbell and the Lions domination of the North.

He thought the Lions drafted Van Ness, which is weird, but otherwise I always appreciate good football minds speaking highly of the team.


Wow, I haven’t been keeping up with Chicago. They have a pretty good defense, esp vs the run.

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So did the Chargers.


I wish the Lions would’ve had another 1st rounder to spend on a pass rusher lol

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Holmes never gets credit for the Van Ness pick.


Also in common with the chargers…haven’t had to play us yet!


I don’t want to dismiss the bears and I expect a tough game…….but if we are serious about winning a playoff game this is a game we have to win. I’m glad it’s Fields because we need more work against mobile Quarterbacks as well. Ford Field should be rocking!!!