Bears players want HC Nagy fired

and we’ll lose to him.


Nope and this is why

“His Lions have a chance, perhaps their best of the season, to notch that win. Detroit hosts the Chicago Bears, a team that has lost five in a row and sports an even worse (by the numbers) passing offense than Campbell’s Lions.”

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Yes, this guarantees a Lions loss. And it will be in some sort of epic fashion:

Thanksgiving 2021 … the first time in NFL history the punter leads the team in pass yardage.

Bears 8
Lions 2

We drop a deuce.


I’m assuming you JUST started watching the lions. every time we have some decided advantage we offer up a career day.

Are we getting a safety or 2 rouges Canadian football style!

No I’ve been a fan longer then alot here have been alive ? Lol, and watched every Thanksgiving giving game sense like 1971, and it’s my opinion we seem to play better on that day then most. And if it’s possible they have a worse passing game then us , well that says alot. They want there coach fired lots of termoil over there.

But I do get the whole we make bad coaches and QBs look get.

The Lions are the only reason Nagy still has a job.

He’s 6-1 in 7 games against the Lions. The only loss was Darrell Bevell’s only career win. Patricia was 0-5 vs Nagy and MC/DC is 0-1.

Can we finally put him out of his misery. He will be fired if they lose on Thursday to the laughable, winless Lions

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I don’t want Nagy fired, at least not until he ruins another high-pick QB.


My theory is league sends refs a notice to not call holding penalties on the oline to give the QBs their best chance at completing passes abd creating some type of game that’s entertaining to watch and not have score be 2-8 ( I was thinking 2-5 was a lot of points )

#1 – Keep in mind the Bears blew a 10 point lead in the final 2:30 of the game to get that loss.

#2 – Nagy’s record against NOT Lions teams is 25-26… compared to that 6-1 against Lions!

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Well cheer for a Bears winning streak then, lol.