Before we move onto the disappointment of the Lions not signing or drafting anyone that the userbase wants, let's appreciate the one silver lining to this mess of an end

We can FINALLY stop livinging in 1991

Tape over your VHSs of the Cowboys games, boyos, the mediocrity clock has reset


Best season ever.
Ty Sheila.
Ty Brad.
Ty Dan.
I don’t hate football for the first time in blah blah years.


Well, I mean I still hate football this year…


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I’ve moved on to the “acceptance” stage.

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Not really of course. Just trying to stay positive cause this team blew away my expectations.

We checked off a handful of important boxes this year. Only a couple more to go.

Best season of ever. At least in the modern era.

I wasn’t even a little disappointed after draft weekend.
My initial response to Gibbs was, “hell, yes!” And, I thought it only got better from there.
I fully expect more of the same.
“Just wait till next year”, takes on a much more positive vibe after a 14-6 season.

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We won 2 playoff games in the same season. Whereas we had won 1 playoff game in the previous 56 years. So I’ll ■■■■■■■ take it.

I wish they had won but it will be nice not to take shit when I tell people I’m a Lions fan.

We may not get as far next season, but we should contend.

And that’s not awful.

I really feel like this team is being built to be contenders every year regardless of player & position turnover. Windows will come and windows will go, but we will always know what we are doing,the direction we are going, and the type of player(s) we are looking for. We draft players for OUR SYSTEM. And it has already proven to be successful in the short term. Keep stacking drafts and FA acquisitions and we will continue to have success.

Will we get to the Super Bowl next year? Or even as far as we did this year? No guarantees. But we are built for it.

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