Belichick hired by Washington!


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Yes, Steve Belichik is going to UW. Brian Belichik is staying with the Patriots.

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I love that momentary slip of ‘murderface’ in that.

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Can’t keep track —
Soooo many Belichicks!

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Brilliant observation. Like, there’s something about the look he gives that makes the scene, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Well, you put your finger on it.

This is a good opportunity for Steve to show who he is as a coordinator outside of his Dad’s watchful eye. I’m very curious to see how he does.

A picture says a thousand words… . :joy::joy:

as I’ve gotten older I’ve come to really appreciate good acting. Obviously he is one of the greats (not so much now) but goodfellas? Heat? awesome.

this is off topic but we just got done watching loudermilk and comedian brian regan is in it and if you know anyone who is recovering from an addicition, his turn in the series is really excellent and moving.

I love seeing that. someone who you don’t think would be a good actor just nail it.


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I didn’t know Brian Regan ever did any acting. Interesting.

And the Grinch’s hoodie grew three sizes that day.


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