Belichick traded to Washington?

Florio engaging in some speculation, but …

New owners. Check.

Kraft unhappy with the post-Brady mediocrity (or worse). Check.

Gets BB out the AFC: Check.

It seems at least plausible, especially now that Washington has extra draft capital to work with.

That would be hilarious

He’d get to re-ignite the old rivalries with the Cowboys and Eagles.

I highly doubt this.

I suspect Bellichick would retire before accepting this…similar to how he turned down the Jets job when it was “given” to him.

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I love Belichick, in fact I am pretty sure that I argued he was as important to the Patriots as Tom Brady.

In hindsight evidence shows that was a foolish thought. One of the basic principals of football rising again, Jimmies and Joes always more important than X’s & O’s


Then we would get to whip their ass more often

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He’s 71 and one of the most storied coaches in NFL history.

He’ll be mentioned in the same breath as Vince Lombardi when it’s all said and done.

And don’t think for a second Bill isn’t aware of that fact. He won’t be horse traded by anybody.


BB will always have his new assistant coach Aster Rick.

He follows him around and whispers to everyone that without Brady BB isn’t a great coach

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Some teams may intrigue him, but I can’t see that being Washington. Cowboys? He’d love to play with that defense.

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He’s not going to be traded.

He’s old enough and been around enough that I believe that he will retire from the Patriots and it will be announced / billed as a “mutual” breakup between Kraft and Belichick.

If I’m not mistaken this was a rumor started by Mike florio. And if I’m not twice mistaken, Mike florio is a hot take guy who isn’t to be trusted when it comes to this stuff. Or any stuff for that matter.

If the commanders actually did this to make him a HC I would be amazed. Give him a front office personnel advisory job, ok. But he’s gotta be getting tired of doing the coaching thing, or he’s slowly getting left behind as time goes on

Belichick and the team won the first Super Bowl. Brady was along for the ride. So there’s that.

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I’ll also point out that Belichick coached the Pats to 2 Super Bowls wins… with Brady and the offense scoring a combine 33 points.

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