Ben Johnson "a lock" to be next Commanders HC

Thanks for everything Ben. Let’s send you off with a ring. (Assuming this is true of course)


The report comes from this video. Not sure how Boomer would know this well before any other outlet has reported anything. Total BS, IMO. Not saying it can’t happen, just it’s far from a done deal.


It’s the best match for him. Hope he does well.

There’s no higher authority than Boomer…

There were multiple reports out there that AG was a shoo-in for the Titans job.
Let’s let this play out.


Mike Shannahan
Sean Mcvay
Matt Lafeur
Mike McDaniel

All on one staff 10 years ago in Washington

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Honestly, I hope it happens! I’m tired of hearing about Ben Johnson


Curious called it before Boomer

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I think it is a good match as well, probably the best outside of the Chargers, and maybe Atlanta.

Commanders don’t have a ton of talent, but they don’t have bad contracts and have a great cap situation and draft capital.

He can strip this team to the bare bones and rebuild like he saw Dan do and gets to handpick his QB.

As a side note, would Johnson try to trade for Hooker? Goff has cemented his status as the long term QB here. I think our staff is content developing Hooker as a top notch backup and eventual trade bait, but if Johnson came offering Washington’s 2nd rounder, that may change their minds.

Wonder if Ben will do push-ups in training camp?? It’s more to being a HC than calling X’s and O’s. Honestly, I don’t think he will succeed and will be fired in a couple seasons. I hope I’m wrong.


I agree, I have always thought AG will be a better HC than Ben.


I think Ben reminds me of the coach who got fired for the Chargers. The Rams had success and was hyping these guy. It’s really a disservice to not consider Mark Brunell for some of Goff’s success. All you hear about is Ben!! Maybe this is my design of Campbell’s part.

If there’s any teeth to this, isn’t that tampering? We’re still playing. I don’t know, but it seems to violate the objective of these interview moratoriums during the playoffs.

Maybe Curious is Boomer


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If only Boomer was right handed :laughing::laughing:

I couldn’t have said this better.

Dan is such a maninal that it allows AG to be a mentor and Ben to be a “savant” with play design.

We can all fret that this past year he often went away from what was working, didn’t go into his back of truck when needed, and sometimes got too cute when he didn’t have to.

Yet our QB has a 105 rating with no turnovers in the playoffs. We just scored 31….

I just don’t see him being the 1st or 2nd voice on draft day that lets a kid know he’s entering a family and preparing for thunderdome!

It was nice having a top 5 offense… Hopefully Goff’s play and the offense doesn’t fall off a cliff next season like Philly. Huge loss

who cares family guy GIF