Ben Johnson and Aaron Glenn Both Gone?

So, looks like teams will be interviewing both of these guys in the coming weeks. Wonder what the chances are that both are gone? Remember, teams have to interview at least one minority candidate, I wonder if some of these are token interviews with Glenn.

Next question is…what staff do both of them take with them when they go? Part of me thinks Johnson didn’t go last year because we didn’t have a staff put together yet. I bet he as worked through that thought this year.

Pretty small. We’ll lose Ben if he’s ready to go. Don’t think we’re quite there with AG.

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I would celebrate AG, at least until we hired Duce Staley as his replacement.


I don’t think Glenn gets a job this hiring cycle. The Lions defense hasn’t been good enough.

Ben Johnson–as good as gone.


Remember, this will be the first playoff game Ben Johnson has ever been a part of. I think he realizes he is young, still learning, and has plenty of time to choose the best possible situation for himself.


i think hes gone not because of the defense

hes a leader of men, thats big for any rebuilding lockeroom tbh


If saints make a change… glenn goes there.


Someone gonna hire Johnson. Question is, who do we replace him with? Anyone under him ready? Or go outside and find someone?

Another option…how about Frank Reich? Tons of experience, not sure if Campbell knows him or has a relationship with him. He really fell outta favor in carolina, but may be the type of guy better suited to just running an O rather than entire team.

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Dan Campbell supposedly made assurances to Scottie Montgomery that he would have the opportunity for advancement.


Why do you wonder that ? Glenn resume stacks up and he’s been in interview cycle.

Any owner who only does token interviews should be replaced , as even if they don’t plan to hire them
, It gives them a real chance to interview a qualified candidate and if they go in with an open mind
They might actually find a better coach.

Think lions with Wiz vs Caldwell


Good for him. I think I’m the high guy on AG as a DC but NFL jobs are had to get. Even more so as a minority. I’d be proud of AG for accomplishing that.


We didn’t hire Campbell for his stellar work as an assistant coach and I have to wonder why people keep stuffing Aaron Glenn into that box? You hire a Head Coach based on what you think his chops are to lead the team as a whole, not the X’s and O’s on one side of the ball. That’s what coordinators are for.

Personally, I do think Glenn has the goods to be a Head Coach, and a good one. He’s qualified, and I think anyone suggesting “token interviews” is also suggesting he isn’t qualified, let me be crystal clear, Aaron Glenn has rightfully earned these opportunities. To say less is to diminish him.

I still think he’s going to get strong consideration for the Falcons job.


I think he will do well in the right situation.

As for the coordinator thing, it is of some value feeling that the Head Coach might be able to ensure high end play on one side of the ball.

If we lose both hopefully Dan hires the right ones unlike Philly did this year after they lost both of their coordinators!!!


It’s a bonus, but you and I both have seen enough to know it’s a crap shoot to believe that coordinator success directly correlates to success with the big boy pants.

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I could definitely see Ben staying snother year if the right job for him isn’t there.


Especially given the implicit variance on the defensive side of the ball.


I bet there are at least 5 teams that would hire Dan Campbell right now if he was available. Changing the culture of the Derroit Lions is something, and it gets talked about by everybody, all the time.

Campbell isn’t available, but his #1 understudy is, and I’m betting several teams think his understudy can do the same thing.

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There’s a decent chance we lose AG imo. Less than 50% I’d say, but I think he’ll be a pretty hot candidate who could easily impress in interviews. As many have said on here, his future looks brighter as a HC than DC, and I think many involved with the hiring process will see it.

I actually think losing Ben is less likely than most on here think, though we’re certain to lose him eventually. But he’s in position to be very choosy, just like McDaniels and Ryans were. If there’s anything he doesn’t like about the openings, he’ll be perfectly content to stay in Detroit.

It’s still a pretty small chance of losing both, as you said, but I would not be surprised at all if it was AG who left this offseason and not Ben.


I’d give it like 25%. Though I admit that Atlanta does make a ton of sense given the Fontenot connection and what Smith has likely done to that locker room.

I’m not sure AG goes back to NO. Taking his mentor’s spot on a sinking ship doesn’t sound too appealing.