Ben Johnson: False Narrative 'Doesn't Affect Me'

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Was a great presser over all!
I love the analogy he said he heard at the end of the 2021 season.

Its like the lions are sailing through the Atlantic to get to the new western world.

After the 2021 season they were in the arctic hitting ice burgs.

After this year they got close to the Bahamas. If he took new coaching job he would be back in the arctic. He wants to stay in the sun a bit longer.


This is an interesting discussion.

Dave Chappell made an analogy one time on this topic.

Being worth 100M or 10M the $100 steak still tastes the same.

The point is that being happy and making 1-2M means you likely still get to eat steak.

I am not sure what the number is now but most people will not make more than 3M in a lifetime

I know Ben is over 1M a year oops make that 1.95M a year

Yeah I think he is good on the money front

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Very well put!

5 years of making nearly 2M a year puts you at 10M in earnings- and another raise is likely coming. If they Lions stay relevant, and why wouldn’t they with their staff, GM, and roster assembly- then Ben could be a top consideration each of the next 3-4 cycles…

Then he can pick which “arctic” he wants to navigate. He will get 4 years and 24M plus and then be sitting at a career earning of 35M plus prior to 50… even if his arctic is a crash and burn - he will have his ring and memories from here, he will have shot his shot… and then he will have a whole life ahead of him and generational wealth for his family.

I think he’s playing this perfectly. The more interest he garners, the bigger the offer when it’s his time.


Agreed… Ben has no reason to rush.

He has proven to be a bright mind, and has accomplished enough to earn a 2nd chance as an OC even if everything fell apart here.

It certainly looks to have an upward trajectory…
so that is seriously unlikely….

and I think he only increases his leverage with every successful season as an OC.

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After he sees how much he likes Detroit… And after he sees how much of a change it is in having a head coaching gig… He’ll come back to Detroit

He also said.
Out of the 8 new coaches. How many will be a head coach with that team in 3 years? O/U 3.5?

He wants to be 100% ready in a perfect situation before making that leap to guarantee hell be with the team long term and get that 2nd contract like Dan just did

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So Luke Getsy’s brother is the head coach of a high school football team here locally. My uncle has been an assistants of his over a decade. And he talks about how luke, when he was a qb coach in green bay, would rent a big old house on the obx for his entire family (50 or so people) and how at 900k or so a year the dude really didn’t want for nothing. He was able to pay off his parent’s house, set his nieces up for college and day to day had everything you could want…


Great post brother…

1.95M per is about 1.1M take home… or about 85-90K per month direct deposit.

A mortgage of 1.5M on a 2M home is about 12K per month including taxes and insurance.

A Range Rover and a Mercedes for he and the wife is about 3K between them.

A country club is about 2K a month if he golfs

The 1.5M condo in Naples is about 9K per month…

The up north cottage in Traverse is another 1M and 7K a month.

  • that’s about 33K per month for 3 luxury properties and 2 luxury cars… maybe add another 2K for the bronco up north and the convertible in Florida.

That leaves 50K a month for groceries, utilities, etc

It’s why I think it’s disgusting what guys like AJ Brown and Ty Hill have done and are doing.

15 years as the Lions OC and Ben likely makes 40M career earnings.


Great post, brother!

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Thanks sir.


I hate to admit men… but Ben Johnson tested
positive for steroids a long time ago.

Still breaks my Canadian heart…ha ha

I agree with what you’re saying, I am DB. Just pointing out that I wouldn’t call what Dan walked into a “perfect situation”. Whenever Ben decides to go, it’s not going to be “take the chance” in the same way Dan did.

Again, no beef with your post. Love what Ben said and agree with your point about evaluating the situation before jumping off the cliff. Just point out a mere technicality.

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Oh i should clarify,

Dan got a second contract. Thats what ben wants.

The fall out after this season could be huge, Cowboys job and others that may not need a total rebuild. Stay the course Ben. If there’s anything that he should have learned in his time here it should be just how important a hand in glove situation it has to be with re to GM and HC. There isn’t likely to be any perfect situations out there, but the hill gets harder to climb when the staff, GM and owner get in each others way.

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