Ben Johnson might not be the only Lions assistant to draw interest for other jobs

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Get Scottie an NFL head coaching job please.

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Hey everybody, AG is gonna be an amazing HC. You should definitely come take him from us

FWIW, to qualify for the minority comp pick, the new GM or head coach must be with the prior team for at least 2 years.

So if AG were hired as head coach next year, we’d get the comp picks because we “developed” him for the last 2 years. If Scottie Montgomery were hired as HC, we’d get nada because he’s only been here one year,

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See how article twists the subject an article writer puts his own spin on it an makes it like there are other.

He never said there was interest and yet from a nothing answer we get full blown article.

Who besides media as said Ben’s name not any team cus they can’t. So my question is how is this true if teams can’t? Its people guessing or twisting a simple answer into full blown article.

How do they know this Ben Johnson might not be the only Lions assistant to draw interest for other jobs
We all think this but the article seems to mean its a fact which is not allowed in NFL.
This only is a sports article but shows how any subject can be twisted to suit writers ideas or beliefs.

Scottie will likely be in the running to be the Lions next OC if Ben leaves. I know Engstrand as our passing game coordinator is the favorite since he’s locked in so tight with Ben, but if Ben leaves and Engstrand doesn’t get promoted in Detroit, I’d bet he’s leaving with Ben.

You’re right. It also punishes the team for having a minority coach be too successful too quickly. Doesn’t make much sense to me.