Ben R. Out for season, Brees out at least 6 weeks

Its going to be a fun year full of backup QBs, eh?

Thinking if all 31 of the other teams are forced to play their backups and Matt stays healthy we would have a great shot at the Super Bowl


“It doesnt count because Brady’s backup was in!”

I don’t care. I would have at least $4K in futures prop bet payouts. I would laugh whenever people said that

Too bad we don’t get to play either team this year…

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We couldn’t even win our own division when that happened before



They cheated and got their starting QBs back before the season was over. We owned it till that BS happened!!!

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Time to appreciate the durability and toughness of Stafford. Matt had the same injury that Brees has and played through it with a finger braced!

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These are 2 of the teams in the NFL that were prepared for this scenario… Mostly bc their starting QBs are at the end of their career. Mason Rudolph was a high draft pick and Teddy Bridgewater is one of the better backups in the league.

Saints made sure to pay Bridgewater accordingly, and it paid off.

Unless you think you see something the rest of the league is either missing or not viewing correctly…using a 3rd round pick on a QB is pissing into the wind. The Steelers are built for a backup QB to come in and “hold serve” for a little while, giving the starter time to get back. But I expect Mason Rudolph to get exposed big time with the extended action.

I remember really liking his game the year he was drafted. I even mocked him to the Pats at the end of the first… I think he’ll be fine. Mid round backup QBs have worked out well for Seattle and the Redskins… The Pats too when they took Garoppalo at the end of the 2nd… Oh, and that guy in Dallas.

These old QBs have to move on sometime. New blood needs to get time to see what they can do.

Its not impossible for a 3rd round pick at QB to succeed. Its just kind of like a lottery ticket. What I was responding to was the idea that “oh they’ll be fine, they used a high pick on a QB.” Russell Wilson is a great example of what I was talking about when I said if you take a QB in the 3rd, you better be banking on the idea that there was something about the guy that the rest of the league missed or didn’t view correctly. In the case of Wilson he was clearly a 1st round talent on film, but teams were scared of his height.

Wowsa man. Take a breath already. We get it. You think Stafford a mix of Tom Brady, Joe Montana and Jesus on steroids.

Why would Jesus take steroids? He could just take injections of Matt Staffords blood.

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Now that you mention it, maybe Brees should try the “Stafford Sauce” as well. After all, as JR points out, Stafford had a double arm amputation and played like a hall of famer, just throwing with his nubs. (when in fact, he played horribly with the not at all the same finger injury, and the team collapsed because they had no viable back up).


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Ahhhh no.