Bengals D Coordinator talks D-Line importance

Good read that highlights some ongoing themes.

Respect…But I have alot to say about it…

I’ve always said an above average to great (or better) dline will vastly improve the back 7. you can have average and do quite well.


Average corners can look amazing when the QB is shitting his pants.

Most NFL qb’s don’t make bad decisions if they have time to throw.

With that said the Lions still need more corner talent.

But is pass rush upgrade or corner upgrade the number 1 need on defense… it’s debatable for sure.

We also have a new dline and secondary coach.

So many variables

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That is true. But the flip side is amongst most of the elite QBs buying time/sack avoidance is often amongst their most elite skills. As a result it’s a six of one half dozen of another situation.


Best to just build a super team at every position… which is nearly impossible due to the salary cap.

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Or just not having any glaring flaws. That was IMO our issue last year. If we’re simply slightly below average at outside CB we win the Super Bowl.

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Not with that pass rush… but I get ur point.

Better corners and a healthy Houston and yea we might have won it all.

But couldawouldashoulda… more depth is key for 2024

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I definitely agree with this. I think the biggest challenge this year is to not go backwards with what got us our success. Mainly, offensive line. Anything we add that raises the floor talent level at other positions should push us over the top. We don’t have to have all pro CB’s, nor DL, but a little bit better should keep us in the conversation for a long time.

Disagree Corner good enough to not be doinked in the facemask and we play in the SB.

You guys keep saying this… the zebra threw a flag well before…even if Vildor catches it. 50 yard pass interfere call is coming. Let’s keep it real here

The flag was picked up.

It sure was after the 49ers wr caught the ball.

The refs do that shit all the time.

The flag was picked up bc no penalty was committed. Otherwise they would have handled it like every other penalty and had the 49ers decline it.

If you think just load up and pass rush and try and squeeze by with bad corners that is a defendable approach. Some teams do go that route. I just happen to prefer a more balanced approach.

Respect but that simply isn’t true. I can absolutely agree that “most” of the “Elite” QB’s can buy time or avoid a sack. It can’t be “six of one and a half dozen of another” though unless you are saying that not only are half the QB’s in the NFL elite but that your team is going to face them 8 or 9 x. How many QB’s do you consider to be elite?

I’ve said that nowhere… common Curious.

Go back and read my full posts…I mention improving corner talent and pass rushers about 50 times in the past month in different threads.

I gotta go back to jokes and gifs because ultimately it’s just for shits and giggles to me.

God bless.

Good post. I will also add something that a young Amari Cooper said about the great Denver Broncos defense that carried the “weekend at Bernie’s” version of Peyton Manning to a Super Bowl title. The corners that year were Aqib Talib, Chris Harris and Bradley Roby. They also had a pro bowl safety. Amari was asked what makes the secondary for the Broncos so hard to beat. He said it wasn’t the guys in the secondary. He not only knew how to beat them, he was already doing it. He said the problem was the pass rush. It got to the QB so fast that it created a conflict for the receivers route running.

Setting up a route properly to beat the corner takes time. And when he was doing it the right way to win the route, the QB would be on his back or bailing from the pocket when he looked back for the ball. So it simplied the routes run by the receivers. Because the routes called become short and simple…or the receivers start dumbing down their routes and rushing to spots to get there before the pass rush gets to the QB. That all played into the Broncos corners hands, because they knew this as well. So once they saw the offense or the receivers adjusting, they knew they could start jumping routes.


What I’m saying is that the argument of pass rush focus vs. coverage focus is six of one, half dozen of the other. If you imagine a spectrum with all world pass rush talent and no coverage talent on one end and all world coverage talent and no pass rush talent on the other, there are successful approaches up and down that spectrum. Personally I prefer a more balanced approach but I think most approaches can work.

To be fair I did say, “if”. I don’t know what your exact preference is. I agree that we need to improve both.

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C’mon man, that’s BS. How much time did they have to throw the ball? If we have a pass rush that wasn’t glorified in meaningless stats like QB hits vs sacks or time to throw we MAYBE win the SB. A better CB on “a” specific play may have gotten us to the SB, winning it, that’s pretty rich. A better FG kicker could have been the same conversation and it would have been just as wrong.