Bengals fire Teryl Austin

That was short lived.

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I’d love him back as secondary coach. Our guy is an utter failure.

So you’re saying that when one side of the ball is a consistent failure, that the coach should be fired? Interesting concept.


Yah really.
When was the last time Pasqualoni showed any sort of relevance at the pro level?
This hire was a huge waste and the Lions should be tearing this thing down as we speak.
I get that Patricia is running his own “hybrid” style defense… but does Pasqualoni even know what the word “hybrid” means?
The game has changed about 15 times since the last time he’s understood an NFL offense.
I just never understood why he was hired other than being an old friend of Patricias.


What do you do when both sides if the ball are a consistent failure?

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I hear he’s a hot pick for HC!


He’s just the assistant principal. Patricia is running that defense.

I get that, and understand.
I guess what I’m not fully processing is the reasoning behind hiring someone, assistant or not, that doesn’t understand the complexities of NFL offenses in today’s game.

That’s a great idea.

He’d be an upgrade at OC…

Sign me up

I would take Austin as our head coach going forward over Patricia if given the choice. I would 100% do it in a heartbeat

Why is that? Because he couldn’t hack it on a winning team? Or is this more of your frustration on the current season?

Whoa … :face_vomiting:

Hard pass on that one, bud.

Because I truly believe that Patricia is a terrible head coach and will not make it past year 3. If my only two options were keep with Patricia for three years or try Austin now, I’d pick Austin. That’s if those were my only two options and looking for someone else is out. I am frustrated for sure but there are way too many red flags with Patricia, i just don’t think he’ll make it as a head coach here.