Bengals Rumored to be Taking Ja'Marr Chase

Per Tyler Dragon of the Enquirer, also trending.

Penei Sewell

Gimme gimme gimme!!!


I think Fields goes to the Niners at #3 even though everyone seems to think it will be Jones.
I will be shocked if the Falcons pass on Sewell and no way will the Bengals pass on him if the Falcons do.

I hope so. Snagging Sewell at #7 would be an incredible start to the Brad Holmes draft era, in line with The Trade. It would be an epic mistake for Cincinnati to pass on him, IMO. Miami has no fear of trading, though apparently crave Pitts. So many possibilities…

Best Oregon pro prospect ever. Apologies to Haloti.

Justin Herbert?

Prospect? It’s Sewell.

Player? TBD.

I’m talking at the time of the draft. Herbert is like Josh Allen in that he found accuracy in the pros that he didn’t show in college. Herbert figure it out much more quickly of course.

Without accuracy the rest of the QB toolkit doesn’t play up.

Though in fairness that answer will most likely change come next draft.

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Vegas odds have it being Fields.

I think it’s a toss up but Kyle is friends with Beck who is Fields QB coach. Which in my mind tips the scales towards Fields a little.

I think it could go either way but Mac does seem like the kind of QB that Kyle likes.

Well, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise given that Joe Burrow has been actively campaigning for the Bengals to draft his old LSU teammate.

I should have dropped some money on Fields when they were all over Mac Jones. Dammit.

I got it in at +400 a little after the trade went down.

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So could be…

  1. Lawrence
  2. Wilson
  3. Fields
  4. Sewell
  5. Chase
  6. Pitts

Trade to a team wanting Lance? Pick Waddle? Pick Smith? Pick Parsons? (All of those picks would be so much better as trade downs).

I agree with Air here. You just don’t give up the type of draft capital that the 49ers gave up for Mac Jones. Prior to that trade he was being slotted outside the top 10 and the 5th rated QB in this class.

I think they think they are getting a steal with Fields dropping to 3 and are praying the Jets and Saleh don’t change their mind and take him. They are putting out smoke screens all day hoping the Jets staff who have such close ties to the 49ers don’t change their mind on Wilson.

I believe SF takes Jones. Fields got a glimpse of what’s real nfl defenses look like in the championship game. Like okudah, Fields played against weak competition. He’s overrated imo

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That’s kind of silly.

Lawrence faired worse against LSU last year than Fields did vs Bama this year.

Fields played against one of the toughest defensive schedules of any college QB in the last 15 years. 87% of his throws were against top 50 teams and he faced 5 top 10 ranked defenses. He actually faced the toughest schedule.

Don’t believe anything you hear this time of year!

I’d say that this claim is very subjective.

Mac Jones faced an all SEC schedule in 2020. He faced more opponents and a tougher schedule in my opinion.

I could easily make the argument Jones had a tougher schedule than Fields.

You take away Fields two post seasons games vs Clemson and Alabama and what’s left is weak.

Fields only faced two teams with a winning record prior to his two post season games.

Jones went 13-0 and faced the following teams.
Missouri 5-5
Texas A&M 9-1
Ole Miss 5-5
Goergia 8-2
Tenessee 3-7
Miss State 4-7
Kentucky 5-6
Auburn 6-5
LSU 5-5
Arkansas 3-7
Florida 8-4
Post season
Notre Dame 10-2
Ohio State 7-1

Fields went 7-1 and faced the following teams
Nebraska 7-2
Penn State 4-5
Rutgers 3-6
Indiana 6-2
Michigan State 2-5
Northwestern 3-5
Post Season
Clemson 10-2
Alabama 13-0

23% of Alabama’s opponents had a losing record
50% of OSU’s opponents had a losing record