Besides the Lions, which Week 18 game will you be watching the closest?

Mine is Packers-Bears.

Packers win; Rams lose—Lions play GB.

Packers lose—Lions play the Rams.

The first option is far more desirable as I think the Rams have a far better chance of knocking the Cowboys out than any other 7th seed option and Justice would be done as the Lions get the second seed they should’ve had but for Brad Allen’s incompetence and laziness.

Packers bears and the cowboys and eagles games.

Jaguars- I’m curious is my narrative comes true.

I’m still protesting so I won’t be watching any other games besides the Lions. I’ll Google this week’s scores after they’ve been played and that’s about it.

Dallas game
Eagles game

Jets Patriots. I want to be the only human watching that game.

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