Best avaliable after rd 1

I do not disagree.
I am just a bit of a Keon Coleman fan. But I am not sure it works he works for the Lions based on where things stand. If the Lions can somehow move around and get Cooper I am not sure how you pass up giving your team a nice jack-knife like him.
Man the Lions seem like they just know things different than the rest of this league right now. It is crazy.


I’m out on Cooper now, even though I have all the faith in the world with re to his capabilities. We are in a place where we can bolster the rest of the lineup with some other players who in another year would not be available. Every successful team has an identity, ours is our OL. It’s important that there are no weak links in that chain, we need to maintain that integrity IMO.


Your right of course. Oline is the smart play here IMO. I am just addicted to sexy at the moment. Holmes is murdering the draft. I am curious what he does next.


I’m not sure if I’m right, it’s just what would make me sleep better at night.

Well on the pod cast with Cam Jordan, ARSB stated that you draft Oline to win. He basically inferred that only idiots draft sexy first. That you win with Oline and Dline dudes. That sexy is for idiots.


Trade 2025 3RP and #61 to move up into early 40’s for ce/g to develop for a year.

I’m very interested to see where JPJ ends up at this point, he’s the one player I would target.


Again hard to argue with JPJ. He seems like a Lion already


We’re picking so late in the 2nd, they’re all on the table, IMO. I’m not real convicted on any one position, but WR is in need of an instant starter, so that DJ Chark signing could go a long way to settling the 2024 roster.

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Was just thinking about him.

With re to WR I think the ball will get spread around more next season esp to the RB’s. I also think that we may in fact run the ball even more. Hoping that we get a no shit HB/FB that can run and catch the ball, something we never got out of Cabinda. Also hope that we have a TE #2 that is an actual threat to catch the ball.

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I see so much vet S depth in FA I think that is off the board for rd 2. Same with WR, plus Green.

OL or Edge is my guess.

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I’ll you who intrigues the hell out of me is the DE from Kansas, Austin Booker. He was a redshirt sophomore with only 18 games under his belt (six as a reserve in '22, and only one start in '23) , but was Defensive Newcomer of the Year leading the team with 12 TFL, 8 sacks, 56 tackles, 1 PBU, and two FF. Needs some bulk. No idea where the kid will go, but if we can trade back, it might be worth a spin. Oh, and his comp… Maxx Crosby (if only!!).

Not a ton of film, but the kid has a motor.

There is some serious muscle still on the board thanks to the early run on skill positions and tackles. I think the Lions will be in a good spot to snag a guard or DT who will become a starter by next year. As for Dejean, if he somehow makes it to 61 I’m fine with doubling up at corner. He would likely be the BPA by a wide margin. Holmes focuses on getting players who fit his/Dan’s criteria over filling needs.

We agree for once. Only Newton is my top player on the board.

My top 5 remaining if my brain is still on


Trade next years 2 with 61 for newton or dejean. 2 late seconds for a 1st round talent is totally worth every penny

We agree more than you think :wink:

It’s just the other times that stick out more

I’m down to move up for another elite talent.

I’m also down to move down and get Rice WR, Ruke DT, and some IOL help, and Mo Kamara

And i have not been in the best mood for about a year… so i lash out when poked. I have to work on that big time.

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Hey brother, my inbox is always open if you wanna talk off the record about anything.

And I’m pretty good at poking people :expressionless: I’ll admit that

Just keeping my homies on their toes that’s all

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Yeah im a little on the spectrum too. I often respond to jokes in a serious manner. My brain realizes it is a joke but not until after i start responding as if it was serious. I get mad on several levels. It made my childhood ■■■■■■■ terrible socially. I am grateful that am not a serial killer considering what an angry kid i was. I try to be a being of love in order to keep my dark passanger at bay.

steve buscemi people to kill GIF

Interesting, thank you for being open and vulnerable. I love raw and realness, it helps you understand a person and what they are going through.

It makes sense, in the aspect that you feel attacked so your immediate response is to lash back out. Natural fight mode our body’s go into to.

I’m glad you choose love. Love others but also love yourself.
Forgive others, but also forgive yourself.

A lot of people forget that part…to love and forgive ones self.

If I could offer any advice… Don’t take things (anything) too seriously. None of us are getting out of here alive anyways. Might as well have a little fun while we are here.

And your a super smart dude, I’m sure if you chose to lash back out of love and wittyness, you would find the entire process of razzing each other actually quite enjoyable.

And at the end of the day…who gives a f*ck what anybody thinks of you. Know thyself.

Most people will change their mind everyday anyways or they don’t know themselves, so who gives a sh*t what they think about you or anything.

Again, thank you for sharing. I really enjoy getting to truly know somebody.

And it’s courageous to open up and share these things that have bothered you for so long

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