Best avaliable after rd 1

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I think we trade out of 61.


I can see that happening!

Go up and get Cooper Dejean

run it back Bama & Iowa

Take Chris Braswell

Or move down and recoup some picks

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I don’t think a DB is our biggest need now.

They do this and I’ll walk into the sunset tomorrow night feeling damn good about this weekend. Never considered two picks veing a success, but those two would be a GD coup.

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Totally okay with us double dipping on defensive backs.

We signed two in FA, one is definitely starter quality, one is potentially starter quality, but depth. Brian Branch is a hybrid and while can be very good, isn’t a pure CB. If Moseley returns to Pro Bowl form that adds a LOT, but you can’t depend on that. Arnold’s a rookie, but even if he is starter quality as a rookie, we’re still awfully thin there and we’re always hit with injuries in the secondary, especially soft tissue injuries.

Outside of another DB - OL or DL is my wish.

That’s the order of my desires.

This has to be.

Was my final simulator I ran two days ago

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Hoping for a guard or trade down.

All That Magic GIF by Nickelodeon

I think Brad jumps 24 and 25 beans around to get back into rd 3

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Give me depth. Pick 61 to AZ for 90, 104 and 138. Then let Brad cook.

If it’s not Cooper Dejean or Chris Braswell then I say

trade 61 + 164 to Jets for 72 & 111

trade 72 + 205 to Texans for 86 & 123

86- xWR Rice/McCaffrey/Polk/Baker OR DT Ruke Orhorhoro
111- CB Green/Pritchett/Kyree
123- IOL Zinter, Nouzard, Bortolini

Round 6 - Take Bama Kicker

Round 7 throw some darts

I want one DL and one OL that if necessary could be leaned on some in year one. In a break glass in case of emergency sort of way. And then I want one more WR and safety. Beyond that I’m open minded.


There’s some really good talent left out there at positions of need for us. I’m all in on trading 25’ and 26’ picks to get back into this draft.


At this point I feel like The Villain is just straight trolling this league. How the Lions ended up with TA is beyond me. And they gave up little IMO. And I get it, by him dropping so much the equations say they over paid some for the move. But when you consider that TA should have been top 15 the value seems very good.

Nothing would surprise me at this moment. Cooper seems like overkill at this moment. But I also think that as I suggested the Lions could create a DB rotation that is so balanced and interchangeable that they might level up on how defenses play.

I would not be mad at a solid Center who could play Guard type to groom to replace Ragnow. And they still need to get a WR. Do you pass up a Coleman type in the late 2nd? I am not sure what type of WR they are looking to get but he has great hands and is a contested ball machine.

Without a 3rd or 4th rd pick I think Holmes trades back if possible.
If not possible he looks for value.
There are a few players with 1st rd grades (not likely at #61) like DeJean, Newton, JPJ, Kool Aid, and AD Mitchell that will push players down to Lions.
Frazier or Cooper Beebe at IOL.
Polk or Franklin at WR.
Fiske at DT.
Kneeland, Trice and Braswell at Edge


DJ Chark is still a FA, if we need to fill the WR gap this year I absolutely look at bringing him back. At this point I’m looking at OL as where we should be concentrating our draft resources.