Best CBs in draft - PFF

Agree, that’s why he’s a mid round prospect

Which is where I have him rated, on a list you referred to as booty lol.

Sorry for the confusion, wasn’t referring to your list (you didn’t have him listed as a NB)… I was talking about the post above yours, which DID have him as a NB

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I appreciate your opinion because you have actually watched him play before forming the opinion. When all is said and done it would not surprise me if Rakestraw is CB 3 on the Lions board. The only thing that scares me about him is if he has the frame to hold up for 17+ games.

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Gotta give a shout to @DBend144 I didn’t even see his list. He puts a lot of time and effort into these spreadsheets

When I get back to computer I’ll take a look and his rankings maybe me & @TouchdownMyPants can double team him on our assessments of his assessments lol


Trading down from 73 Hock Pick getting some bean ammo for day 3

Then grab a CB or WR agree

I do think Brad & Co will like him. Or at least I think they will at first blush. I do wonder what they’ll think about some of his… I suppose business decisions is a decent way to put it. Once I started to notice those I was really turned off, I admit. And it kept happening.

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Thank you very much. Ive just been using PFF rankings.

They have been the CLOSEST to what ends up happening vs PFN, ESPN, CBS ect. I use to average it out but it was too much work when pff was the closest.

And i only the the top 230. Because after that its a bleep shoot.

Good List.
I only went with guys I like on the first two days of the draft that I think fit the Lions.
Holmes doesn’t have many players on his board and will be very selective and specific when targeting his guys.
Not everyone can be a Lion.

Trade up CB’s
Q. Mithchell
T. Arnold

Stay at #29 CB
K. McKinstry (Tackles just enough to stay on the board)

Day #2 CB’s
C. DeJean (not as high as many because M2M ability is all projection)
R. Green (Elite M2M skills)
E. Rakestraw (True Grit)
M. Melton (great athlete, good ball skills)
K. Jackson (it says a lot when age is the only negative. Guys don’t play 10 years with one franchise anymore. 2 contracts is enough.)

On the same guys as you

None of those day 3 guys are likely to be there day 3 though.

We’ve traded up to go get Barnes round 4

Eagles traded into round 4 to get Ringo last year

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. I’ve tried to queue this up to one example of his away-from-the-ball issues, but if I messed it up the play starts at 29 seconds. The receiver gains an extra 15 yards because Rakestraw let up as soon as his guy didn’t catch it.

If it only happened once or twice, that would be one thing, but like I said when I was watching I had to stop counting. Here’s another from the same game:

He clearly sees the RB with the ball and makes no effort to get involved with the play. You see 4 or 5 plays like this every game. (There were a couple more in this game I’m not posting)

He’s also gonna get some really, really stupid penalties. He almost got in a fight with a ball boy (Georgia, I think?), and here he is after one of his teammates intercepted Joe Milton (if not queued correctly, at the 9:40 mark). You can only see the tail end of it, but Rakestraw actually started pointing at Milton at about the 30, then carried his taunting into and out of the end zone.

Ill take the son of the mad magazine kid

Per Dan Brugler Beast

1st round - Arnold & Mitchell

1/2- Wiggins, Dejan, Kool Aid

2nd round - Mikey

2/3- Rakestraw, Tampa, Philliips, Lassister, Melton,

3rd round - DjJames

3/4- Carson, Brownlee, Abrahmas -Draine

4th round - Pritchett and Green

Kyree was 5th round
Stiggers and Jarrian Jones - 6th round

WE GOTTA GO CB round 1…those 2nd round options are very underwhelming.

Prefer to way til later instead of round 2/3 tiers

Some interesting thoughts from Devin McCourty here. He seems awfully in agreement with Chris Simms which seems strange, maybe he’s a yes man. LOL.