Best CBs in draft - PFF

Getting a stud DB at #29

And then Green or Mikey later would solve our problems for a long time

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Day 1 - Cooper or Kool Aid

Day 2- Green or Mikey

Day 3 - J Jones or Kyree or Melton or AbramsDrainse

PFF big board. Cbs.
Purple top 10 grade
Blue 1st round
Teal 2nd round
Green 3rd round
Yellow 4th round
Orange 5th round
Red 6th round


Now that I have watched them all, here is my current rankings of the CBs (and this is the way I would have them, not the way I think our FO will)

Tier one:

  1. Quinyon Mitchell, Toledo (been my top CB since January)

Tier two:
2. Nate Wiggins, Clemson (though I don’t think he’s a fit for us)
3. Terrion Arnold, Alabama

Tier three:
4. Cooper DeJean, Iowa
5. Kool-Aid McKinstry, Alabama
6. Renardo Green, Florida State

Tier four:

Tier five:
7. Max Melton, Rutgers
8. Mikey Sainristil, Michigan
9. Kamari Lassiter, Georgia
10. T.J. Tampa, Iowa State

Tier six:
11. D.J. James, Auburn
12. Khyree Jackson, Oregon (age affected this ranking, for sure)
13. Qwan’tez Stiggers, Toronto Argonauts
14. Kris Abrams-Draine, Missouri
15. Cam Hart, Notre Dame
16. Elijah Jones, Boston College

Tier seven:

  1. Caelen Carson, Wake Forest
  2. Jarvis Brownlee, Louisville
  3. Jarius Monroe, Tulane
  4. Jeremiah Walker, Stephen F. Austin
  5. Jarrian Jones, Florida State
  6. Nehemiah Pritchett, Auburn
  7. Myles Harden, South Dakota
  8. Kamal Hadden, Tennessee
  9. Chau Smith-Wade, Washington State
  10. Josh Newton, TCU
  11. DeCamerion Richardson, Mississippi State
  12. Micah Abraham, Marshall
  13. Ennis Rakestraw, Missouri (Brad & Co will probably like him a lot more than this)
  14. Chigozie Anusiem, Colorado State

Good list I agree with most per usual. I’d bump Kyhree, Kris Abram-Draine, and Jarrian Jones to Tier 5.

Tier 4 I would consider our Day 2 targets … I like Green, Mikey, Melton there.

I’m not high on Lassiter or Tampa.

Love your thoroughness, you don’t leave any stone unturned.


Khyree’s age is a killer for me. I mean, he’s a year older than Greg Newsome, who’s entering his 4th year in the league. It’s like drafting a free agent. At a certain point I’d draft him (clearly), but not as high as he’ll go.

I like Abrams-Draine, but I worry he’s slot only. That affects his grade. His testing was promising for his ability to stay outside, so that caused him to rise on my board, but I’m not entirely convinced the way I am with Green.

Jarrian Jones IS slot only imo, despite his size and athleticism. Just doesn’t have the hips to hang with legit WRs.

Lassiter and Tampa have fallen for everyone because of meh/bad testing, but you gotta stick with the tape, and they’re really, really good on tape. I don’t think Tampa’s a fit for us, but put him in that Seattle or Washington system (now that Quinn’s there), and I think he could be a star.

There is no tier 4 :wink:

KAD is an outside corner… That list is booty just based off that


A man does 99 things right but gets ridiculed for the 1 he does wrong.

What a world we live in

Kyree age doesn’t bother me. I see it as a positive for us. Get him mid rounds he will be ramping up by year end and contribute as a 1 contract guy for us.

KAD and J Jones I don’t see as slot only even though it could be their best position

But we do need a backup NB

All 3 of our other ones left
Lucas, CGJ, W Harris unsigned


KAD and Sainristil can both play inside or outside and I’d be stoked if we grabbed one of them.

Me too. J Jones from FSU also

I’d love to load up on DBs and OL this draft

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Sainristil in the 2nd
KAD/Jones in the 3rd

I’d be down with any of those scenarios

I never said KAD couldn’t play outside, I said I worry he can’t. So I have him a little lower. But there’s a reason he played 33% of snaps from the slot over his career (including zone snaps), he’s a slight guy.

But I also think Mikey’s slot only, so maybe I just have different standards for who can play outside.

But of the three I think Jarrian Jones has the least likely chance of playing outside. He also played 33% of his career snaps from the slot, but this past year - when he really became an NFL prospect - that number jumped to 77%! Here’s one of the scouting reports on him that I happen to agree with totally:

While Jones is all gas from snap to whistle, he can be clunky matching a receiver’s release and has a hard time transitioning through sharp break points without allowing glaring separation. Jones’ limitations might be mitigated and his strengths maximized as a nickel cornerback playing forward from a zone-heavy cover scheme.

He played his sophomore year at NB and the next two seasons primarily on the outside. That lines up with 33% of his time playing nickel for one season out of 3.

Agree with the #s and what they say… I feel like some prospects get the benefit of projecting what they CAN become while others don’t. But that’s a different conversation.

As far as Mikey… yes he’s a phenomenal slot guy…Unfotunately the reality is he’s going to likely be one of those guys Lions don’t draft that I want because the spot is already taken and I will have to root for him on another team (hopefully AFC)

KAD & J Jones should be Day 3 guys, so that’s plenty value for a backup NB or guy that can play outside.

J Jones transferred to FSU his senior year. He has a lot of experience playing outside at Miss St. I don’t know that you can determine he is slot only based off playing on different teams/schemes. I think he’s a versatile guy…might not ever be a starter but could take Will Harris spot.

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I get it, you don’t think he’s slot only. You’re entitled to that opinion, just like I’m entitled to mine. And like I’ve said multiple times, I’m not saying he can’t play outside, just that I have questions. He’s slight af

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I don’t understand all the hate on Rakestraw. I’m not a fan of taking CBs with a slight build early but if he was there in the 2nd round I think the Lions would jump all over him.

Personally I think his weaknesses are being covered up by many easy-to-love traits about him. Namely the way he throws his body around, how feisty he is, how sticky he is in short areas, and his success in press. It’s really easy to fall for guys like that.

But I have some major concerns. First, I think he’s a below average athlete. Or I should say, a good athlete in short areas but the longer the route goes, the worse he becomes. He’s like the Wan’dale Robinson of CBs.

Second, I think his awareness is far below average. He seems to be so honed in on covering his guy he has no idea what’s happening around him. I watched 4 games and stopped counting how many times I saw a RB or WR pass him while he was facing the other way.

And for all that I like his physicality, sometimes I think he’s all talk (chirps a ton). Doesn’t do much second-reacting and when there’s gang-tackling happening around him, he’s almost always the guy who gets there just a step too late and barks at the ball carrier/praises up his teammates. I had ten slashes on my chart of that happening before I stopped counting.

Also, I think he’ll get bullied for more often than he’s the bully, and when that happens he panics. I’ve never liked a CB who panicked, and Rakestraw was one of the worst, which is why there are so many examples of yanking jerseys and grabbing arms.

For me, the Rakestraw pendulum swings too far both directions. I don’t mind an alpha back there, but you’ve got to be more bite than bark, and I just don’t see that here.

He’s a little light… Same size as Devon Witherspoon for context, he basically split time 50/50 outside/slot for the seahags last season.

Yep, and Aaron Glenn was 5’8 and played outside. Same with Amik. It’s not just based on his size, it’s based on his size + tape. Some reps he’s fine, but some reps he gets beat up, which is why I have questions.

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