Best D line in the league?

Dose of Kool aid, ER, Dion.

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Im not going to listen to 7 minutes of this drivel. No offense to the OP.

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Seems like a fair break-down, to me. I think our DL will be awesome vs the run, and plenty stout enough to keep the LBs clean. Patricia brings heat from all over the place, and I think we will be very unpredictable with a very turnover-creating defense.

Patricia had a top 10 defense with very little talent. We’ve got some nice upgrades that will lead to more consistency. A little more help from the offense will make a big difference too. Time of Posession matters. Less time on the field with this new OC/offensive system.

Maybe we can trade a couple of these DL for a RG. We really do have a lot of depth.

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I am not sure I want to give a lot of credence to a guy who stole his haircut from the Statue of Liberty…


Honestly I thought he presented fairly without huge Kool aid in the recipe.

As for the hair, good catch.

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Come to think of it, the Jets Williams twins may have something to say.

Myles Garrett, Sheldon Richardson, Olivier Vernon.

Maybe they can beat up the Pats some?