Best dark-horse candidate to make Detroit Lions 2024 roster

Brandon Joseph.

Article states Netane Muti.

I like Betts chance at Edge

Williams UDFA at WR

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I like this guy’s chances better than Betts:

I can’t watch these random podcast dudes that are analyzing an depth chart

I’ll take Betts doubling down now
going opposite of that goofball video


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I’m going to say LB Steamin Niemann. His ST play may unseat one of our younger guys for a roster spot.

Could him and JRM make Rodrigo obsolete? Or would we carry 6 LBers to keep him?

Rodrigo is a dawg

I think he takes Anzalone spot when AA is done


I think that will be Campbell to be honest and Barnes will probably take over Campbells spot.

Rodrigo is used heavily as a stack LBer and I’d love to see him behind a DL that has Reader and McNeil blocking up front for him. I really like him in that role.

Niemann is a solid ST player and a decent back-up LBer who can play both inside and outside. He has more scheme versatility than Rodrigo does.

I think the staff likes Rodrigo and will find a way to keep him around. Even if it means a phantom injury.

Would he survive a roster cut to slide him on the PS? … that’s risky.

Could we carry 6 LBers?

I’m curious to see how this shapes out but it’s a crowded room and it could come down to a very tough cut.


No way Rodrigo makes it to the PS

Dude had a huge INT in the NFCCG, he’s a gamer.

I love our LB room

SLB- Barnes (Allen Aldridge)
MLB- Campbell (Spieman)
WLB- Rodrigo. (Ernie/Boyd)

That’s the future IMO


I like Hesse/Zylstra over Mitchell for TE3.


Keeping 4 TE now that Cabinda is gone is a real possibility

Hesse could stick

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That’s a good one.

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It’ll be interesting if we sign Barnes back next offseason. Big year for him. The ol contract year.


Dude could be a 2nd contract star like Deandre Levy

We will see they changed his position again this offseason. Might get to pass rush more. Hopefully not vs Dak. :joy: