Best debate of all time does

Pineapple belong on pizza

I dont know how to make a poll.

absolutely not


Put whatever you want on your pizza.


The science says whatever you want it to, morality isn’t part of the equation, and no one eats toppings on a sandwich or a pizza as chosen by haters or critics.

Life is too short, enjoy some sweet with that savory every now and again.

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I got you Marty…

  • Yes Pineapple rules
  • No that’s disgusting. What is this amateur hour?
  • Only when I’m high as MegaBong
  • Never tried it
  • How the â– â– â– â–  is it called Hawaiian when it was invented in Canada?
  • Other… please specify below
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Pineapple is delicious

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No way I’d eat that if they stuck a dirty bill on top of it :grimacing:

An Italian would cut your hand off for suggesting such a thing.


Before I went “clean”. - I loved it on pizza

USED TO WORK AT dominoes…. Made my own: ham, pineapple, bacon and extra cheese!!

Now I roll with chicken, lamb as the meats instead….

never intentionally put pineapple on pizza, I am an “all meat” guy: pepperoni , bacon, sausage , ground beef. mushrooms optional. no -not the drug type-

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Meat lovers pizza… same way I usually order… but @BigNatty will be here soon :joy:

I like pineapple on pizza. I think it tastes good. I try not to overthink things like this…

*Edited to remove some overthinking…

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Its for a fun debate man. Dont over think it much.

This reminds me of a Christmas classic…

Just had pineapple on my “veggie” pizza for the first time today.

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“Hey look, this place has three types of taco pizza.”

Dumb shit I may have heard my wife say.

hey to each their own -I don’t care for it with pineapple.

Meat Lovers eh?

YARN | Well, sure it is. There's nothing on that plate but gristle and fat. | The Great Outdoors | Video clips by quotes | bf9c3247 | ç´—

Pizza al Pastor.

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