Best wishes from a Jets fan

I know how you’ve suffered. I have friends from Detroit. I am rooting for you, and I believe your squad can do this.

You are a PILE OF PROBLEMS for other teams. Sure, your defense is not lights out. People are going to score on you like crazy. But you can score more. You have the heart, soul, talent. You have the coaches.

You have two great RBs, a great QB, plenty of pass catchers, you have a pass rush and an opportunistic D that can help you stay in games. (Get the defense that stopped Dallas in the first half to show up!)

San Francisco will be very, very difficult for you. But it won’t be easy for them. Give Purdy hell. Get it.


Can we rent your defense for this game?


Even just a couple pieces would be great.

Thanks for the support. I feel like this whole season has been a massive catharsis. It’s like being addicted to failure. Now I can just enjoy it, like normal fans must do.


Send Sauce home for the weekend!


Welcome and well said. That is pretty much exactly what I would have said if asked to describe the Lions. Thanks for the Flyover and the kind words of encouragement.


Thank you @JetFanFlyover !

We are probably not the biggest Aaron Rodgers fans here. But I would have been much happier seeing him succeed in NY this year than in GB. It was brutal to watch him go down so early… I certainly felt terrible for the very devoted Jets fan base!

Good luck in the next season, and thank you again!!


Specifically your corners?

They do it in soccer all the time!!

Your org has fans here as well. The Jets and the Browns are my rooting interests after Detroit. The fanbases that have suffered need to stick together. Thanks for the kind words.

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You know, in 2022, before Erin went there.

Thanks for the support. Good luck to your Jets next year. Would love to see the Lions versus Aaron Rodgers in the Super Bowl next year. That would be a lot of fun.

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I agree

Our defense is close to being good. We play really good D on 90% of snaps… but get gashed by long passes to elite wrs just enough to make our defense look poor.

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