Betting Thread Week 5

I got 20 on Lions Moneyline

That’s it.

Fuck Matt Patricia


10 on Lions money line and 10 over 46.5.

10 on over

Wow. I’m definitely in a different place than you all.
I don’t gamble, but I’d almost put money on the under.

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23rd and 32nd ranked defenses in the league. I don’t know what the Pats are doing offensively but I know what the rest of the league is against the Lions D. Throw in the O regardless of injury, could be 47 points by halftime.

Just my two cents.


Seemed like this was predictable.


$20 is a small price to pay to feel justifiable rage for 2 weeks.

I didn’t touch them this week. Too many injuries.
But I bet Against Alabama and won
The Giants against the Packers and won.
The Cowboy’s against the Rams. TBD

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