Beware of spring NFL headlines: Detroit Lions stories that never panned out


Good article

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Would be nice to do this for a lot of top posters on the Den :-).

While I understand that it’s not the nicest to pull receipts on posters, it’s helpful to know who is generally accurate and thoughtful, versus those that blow a lot of smoke.

Nate generally doesn’t allow this, but has given designations to a handful of trusted posters like @Thats2.


No one pull up my posts from the middle of last season when I was in full-spiral, this-team-won’t-even-make-the-playoffs mode.


You’re not alone. As a fanbase, we’re not good at dealing with adversity.

Jahlani Tavai

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We are so experienced. You would think we would be pros. Maybe moreso we don’t handle success well.

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So a list of Aaron Glenn failures. Interesting.


Well played.

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That’s ONLY because in 49/50 times, the team folded and sucked balls. It was WEIRD that they kept fighting and …gulp… WINNING!
I didn’t understand what was happening.


Okudah & Tavsi strike me as Quinn-Patricia failures.

Undrafted Jerry Jacobs far exceeded what was expected

Charles Harris had one good season as a Lion, but fell victim to the Lions upgrading the talent at edge…

James Mitchell?

Well, it used to be that the draft and offseason was the only time we could be optimistic because when regular season started, we were remined that we are Lions fans.
Not so anymore, or so it seems. I think we all know these hype stories are what they are. The Superbowl talk still scares me. Mainly because of the caveat in the Jerry Jacobs part, ‘injuries derailed…’
But we do have a really good team and it is pretty cool that the regular season, and playoffs, is more anticipated than the hype/ offseason.
A lot of the rooks best shots might be auditioning for another team now.

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James Mitchell has been a disappointment to me I thought he would do more in the offense. I was thinking a 25 rec 300 yards and 3 TD type player. Some guys are never the same after an ACL even in this day and time.

He seemed way more athletic in college before the ACL. I am putting him down as a miss and unlikely to make the team this year. Everything I herd coming out of Allen park in the spring is he doesn’t look explosive at all. And looks like the 5th best TE


To be fair to James Mitchell, he has battled injuries and might have had better stats last year had a certain other TE not came in last year and had one of the best rookie TE seasons of all time.

Haha the game day threads are something to behold.

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You asked for it!



Wow. That’s old school. The folly of youth. :joy: :rofl:

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2003? Is that real?
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(twitter didn’t exist in 2003)

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