Bezos to buy lions?- duplicate. My bad

Not sure I’m buying what’s being sold here but found it interesting enough to post.

you know it kind of makes sense tho. the lions were Ford Sr.s bag. I think she’s doing it out of love for him right now but she knows she won’t be around forever. I think she wants to get the team to someone that would take care of them. I don’t think the family wants the team, and she doesn’t want bill jr. to screw it up again and rehire matt millen.

the tinfoil hat in me wonders if we’d be treated better by the league if bezos owned us. I know the league and the fords haven’t gotten along well at times over the years, with ford even threatening to pull their ads if the lions lost their thanksgiving game.

Amazon now owns the Oculus VR line. Maybe in the alternate reality the Lions can win

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