Big Play Marvin Jones?

For a guy who allegedly doesn’t get much separation, he sure catches a lot of long passes:


Since joining the


in 2016, WR Marvin Jones Jr.(


) is the only player in the NFL to record 160+ receptions, average 16.0 yards/reception & score at least 15 touchdowns.


right I was just saying something about Marvin Jones being a legit WR for us after Golladay and I gave props to MJ in a post as well.

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We can use some depth, but I sure do like our starters at WR/Slot/TE

I think we have pretty good depth at each of those positions. I really like our skill positions currently.

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I guess, now that I think of it, Amendola’s backup did pretty well too. You’re right.

He made a big play when it counted. It’s funny, that play was coming right at our seats, my cousin pointed out that they were blitzing and he was going to be singled covered with no safety help. Obviously Stafford saw it too and dropped a dime for him. MS is dialed in so far this year.


Love it! I think it gets better from here, too. I don’t see a single unwinnable game on the schedule either. Next game could be the toughest one on the remainder of our schedule, and I think we win it.

I really think our day in the sun is near! Feels like watching the old Pistons squads get better and better, until they finally won it all. Watching them progress, build the roster, and win more. This feels very similar.

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It definitely seems like we’re on the right path, we could have a window for the next few years of playing into January and maybe a SB…Just in time for a 2021 lockout…

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I know it’s happened before, but i don’t think it’ll happen again. I’m hoping they learned from it. Bad for everyone.

I think the players dig in deep for a bigger payout this time…also they want more control in the disciplinary decisions regarding suspensions. We’ll see what happens.

We definitely will. Hope they don’t screw it up

If they lock out … that may become the beginning to the end…

Scab football sucked. That was a looooong time ago.

Regarding Jones. As they say, “Its the quiet ones you gotta watch out for” and it looks like he’s been sneaky good.
Golladay = Calvin Johnson pt2
Marvin Jones = CJ lite
Who’s going to be our - Mini Calvin?
Ebron was the “oopsie daisy” side of Calvin (right spot, right time, wrong hands) but thankfully he’d taken his no show on the road.

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Don’t do this to yourself my friend.

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We have too - it in our Lions DNA baby!!

Live or cry… it’s will be as a Lions fan!!

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LOL - It’s coming, brother. Not sure how long it will take. Realistically, the NFC is sorta week, this year. When Brees comes back, they may be the best team in the NFC. Anyone else? I don’t think we are a crazy dominant face, or that we can turn in a performance like last week every week. Thing is, we did it once, and it is early in the season. We can do better, and I think we will.

If we can get our guys re signed and have another good draft, next year, I can’t draw up a scenario that we don’t compete for something meaningful. Possibly even this year.

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I admire the optimism and go for it man and don’t let this jaded Lions fan get you down but the Lions have beaten all the optimism out of me after years (decades now) of disappointment.

I’m playing it game by game without looking ahead and right now in the moment, 2-1-1 against some good opponents is good enough for me. I don’t expect them to win in Green Bay but it would be a massive win if they pull it off.

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Dividing the seasons into quarters. If the Lions go 3-1 or 4-0 over the next 4, they’re contenders for the division, not pretenders. Anything less, the optimism goes down considerably–maybe to a road wild card game as the 6th seed.