Big Ten, SEC forming advisory group focused on future landscape of college

Yea the top 6 is a lock to get to 40. But if they go to 48. Those next 8 is a question mark.

Duke, Texas Tech, Iowa St, UNC, NCst, AZ St, ok st, colorado, k st, v tech, syracuse, baylor, pitt, stanford, call.
Pick 8.

There no real difference in the categories. So its really just a matter of opinion and seeing which teams want to “bye into” the new super conference.

And there needs to be 2 divisions in college football.

Because those top 40-48 are not in the same class as Western Michigan, U conn or Marshall or Hawaii.

Those schools would NEVER make the 12 team playoff under the current format.

So let the super conference exist on its own. With its own playoff.

Then let the remaining 7 conferences have the current format of a 12 team playoff.

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Why is 48 the max? Why not 64?
I csn see not including the teams you mention,Wester Michigan, Hawaii, etc. But it seems to me after 40, there are a good 24-28 teams that are pretty close and could compete with at least some of the blue bloods. Picking among them doesn’t seem right.

I hear ya. Because again the tallest and money drop off.

Those schools would cost more to add than the money they would generate.

So the other schools would lose money.

And the vast majority of them NEVER would have made the 12 team playoff since 2002. Hell half of em arnt even bowl eligible most years.

A team needs to make money, get people to watch, and has to be successful more often than not.

And most of those teams dont want to be a part of that either. I mean for the money sure.

But from a competition stand point. They all cry that its not an equal playing field. So rather than bring the top dogs down. Just cut the fat.

Would the NFL ever add UFL or CFL teams? No. They would dilute the revenue share. The same concept applies to this potential Megaconference. I expect they will welcome player unionization and agent licensing, along with strict NIL rules. I also think they will have some level of a collective bargaining agreement and revenue sharing. They are also going to seek anti-trust protection from the federal government.

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I don’t have an issue with little brothers from USC

St Brown Shrug GIF by Detroit Lions

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Exactly and they dont need to bring in a lesser team just for a TV market. IE Rutgers for New York. Because it will be a national TV deal. Not regional

No one in NY watches Rutgers. I’m not sure if many NY’ers have even heard of Rutgers.

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I have a friend in NJ close to the campus. No one cares about College football period.

But they still have the BTN.

Point is with a national media deal. The super conference wouldn’t have to add anyone just because of TV market

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Yeah, I know they wouldn’t. I was just busting you on the example. :grinning:

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Exactly. So they wont need to add Colorado for the Denver Market or UNC For Carolina

It will be a national tv deal where everyone in America will have access to the superconference network or whatever.

I don’t see a “super conference” as much as a super group. I’m guessing 70-75 universities, including the B1G, SEC, ACC, Big 12(16), Notre Dame, maybe Oregon State and Washington State. These universities have outgrown the rest of the NCAA membership. NIL and the inevitable future of paying athletes from television revenues.

That result is the formation of an entirely separate governing body needed to promote and manage the concerns of this new super group while the NCAA continues to oversee the remaining universities. The success of this group will depend on their ability to set aside egos. This super group must find a way to work for the good of the whole, a capite ad calcem, from head to heel.

From my perspective they must look to the NFL as a model, yes, a professional sports league because, like it or not, that’s where this is headed. Here’s where the egos come in, exactly as they do/did in the NFL and other pro sports leagues. The universities must find an equitable division of revenues, aka A SALARY CAP. This doesn’t work if Texas, Oregon, Georgia, USC, Michigan, ohio etc can spend 100 X the revenue as Purdue, Rutgers, Iowa, Kansas, Utah etc. The NFL is the most successful sport’s league in the world, why not follow the model? There’s a reason every professional sports league in the US has followed the NFL’s model of revenue sharing or salary cap, because it works.

This is just scratching the surface but I believe it is the single biggest obstacle to overcome and agree upon. On a personal note, I despise the concept of revenue sharing. I think its the antithesis of a free market economy, but it works for these models. Most people see Arch Manning, a 3rd string college QB at TX who never took a snap last year making $3.5m while Brock Purdy making less than $1m as an aberration, which I agree with, but from the opposite side of the argument. I believe what Manning earned is the result of a free market economy, he is being paid what someone is willing to pay him, which is how it should be. Purdy on the other hand is being paid a pre determined salary based on revenue sharing “slotting” for rookie players, the opposite of a free market economy.

Sorry for the rant.

Meh, ■■■■ the ncaa.
At some point the players are going to become employees and revenue sharing will factor in. Now the question is how do you handle the other sports at these universities and deal with title IX as well.

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Yes, exactly but that’s secondary to the initial obstacle, the salary cap. After that it’s figuring out the details.