Big Ten, UM, Harbaugh resolve issues

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CJ never had this defense.

If CJ, Paris, Luke, and Dawand had this defense we win a national championship with our eyes closed.

Still was average. That offense should have s hit and left stains on anyone in big ten. Yet kicked balls against Georgia

Fair. And well played.

And why?

Seems like they act like trying to be some innocent Conference. It’s all for show imo

I mean, I can understand why UM fans might be frustrated.

But today they fired the LB coach for trying to cover stuff up.

That’s two UM staffers fired and it has nothing at all to do with the Big Ten.

If any school has to fire two staff members from the football team due to misconduct, and it has precisely nothing to do with the conference, wouldn’t you expect the conference to get involved?

I’m waiting for Ryan Day and his brother to get slapped with those RICO charges from UMs super amazing legal community. Looks like they got their motion dismissed with prejudice already.

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Wasn’t Stalions not hired until
2022?? Then I think a lot of you are truly underestimating the JJ McCarthy factor. To have a QB that’s as special as he is can make any team go undefeated. Then there is the D-coordinators. Ohio State’s system was the Achilles heel to Don Brown’s defense and they are him alive each time. If Don Brown is still there then I would definitely be suspicious. But first it was McDonald and then Minter. These allegations don’t even happen if Don Brown is still there calling this defense


OSU had Brown’s signs that was known guy sucked. Want to beat Don Brown defense? Run a slant, wide open all day long throughout his time at UM. He was let go two seasons too late.

Not to mention the amount of players Michigan has acquired thru the transfer portal. This isn’t such a drastic change in execution with the same coaches and personnel. Hell even Josh Gattis left. Michigan did almost a complete overhaul….not on Deion’s level but enough in key areas that has sparked this “sudden change” that none of you are even considering… :person_shrugging:

BTW I don’t mean you frm….but some of the other guys on this board

Exactly, and that’s blatantly obvious to anyone who has truly followed the program. Harbaugh made the decision to drastically change his defensive approach as well as his approach to his offensive line. He gave up on the idea that he could ever compete with Ohio State with speed at the offensive skilled positions. He instead decided he was going to try and just physically outperform them in the trenches. The idea it was because of Stallions is absurd. That completely ignores the shifts that team made across the board to reinvent their approach to the conference.

Hell they even changed how they recruit. They stopped chasing every 5 star athlete and instead focused on players that fit their system.

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I’m guessing many here will just assume they know more about football than a guy who has literally coached his entire life.

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I mean Matt Millen played the game his whole life and I’m convinced people on this board were better at scouting than him.

We might think….but in Matt Millen’s position none of us would do better than him

Main reason I posted that had nothing to do with the coach in the video, more about the topic.What the B1G said in their letter to UM with regards to the impact sign stealing had on player safety played in their(B1G) decision. Specifically one type of sign stealing impacts player safety, other doesn’t.

Just made me laugh when I saw this tweet.


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