Big Ten, UM, Harbaugh resolve issues

Glad we can put this to rest now.

And yes, this Sparty fan is rooting for UM to finish the season undefeated and win a natty.


Love these type of Sparty/Wolverine fans

I can understand rooting against each other in the big game.

But any other games we should root for each other


If UM is on a roll, and Sparty is out of contention (or, in this case, I’m boycotting), I root for someone to represent the state. All day.


^ my man

I don’t pledge allegiance to either I root for Both and whoever has a chance to go furthest

Or whichever I bet on :grin:


The conference agreed to close its investigation, the one they never started? And I read that as the NCAA investigation is still on. So this is Harbaugh basically admitting defeat.

I really want sparty to find a kick ass coach.


What if you bet on them to lose?

Then I don’t watch or root

I just quietly take my bag :briefcase: :moneybag:
Or my humble pie


They just have so much to clean up. Maybe the right coach could do it? It seems like Narduzzi has worn out his welcome, so he could be a fit. From some things I read, problems go beyond Mel. Regardless, I want whatever the Tom Izzo equivalent is (I don’t ask for much).


What about a guy like Brian Hoyer


How about a pretty effective guy with a great record? Just codify the behavior and expectation language heavily into his contract. I don’t think that would be an issue. You could probably pay him a really fair starting salary.
Pat Fitzgerald.

That could be a good choice too.

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So at the end of the day a huge nothing burger.

Surprise surprise. Harbaugh still gets to coach all week just can’t be on TV for a couple weeks.


I imagine Michigan got some feedback from the court that this wasn’t going to go well for them. So they tuck tail and run and then put out a spin message to make it sound like a compromise when it was in fact everything the Big10 dished out last week, zero change.


Wow, all that Michigan tough talk just died suddenly. What about DuE ProCeSs

I’m going to guess they didn’t want their dirty laundry drug through court even more.

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I wonder if Narduzzi would be interested. I haven’t been keeping up with this saga much.

Really surprised to see another thread on the topic. Granted new news but contradicts past thread run agendas. Not really a shot at anyone here, just a thought on the subject.

My guess is he’s still too toxic to replace a Mel Tucker. Just a lot of weird shit between the two, even though I think he got the shaft (sadly, no pun).

Mike Tressel seems to make a lot of sense.


It’s a voluntary body the Big10. Nobody has forced Michigan to join the Big10 or stay in the Big10. If enough members of the Big10 want change, it will change. If only Michigan is unhappy, they have 2 options. Suck it up and take it. Or leave. Doesn’t belong in the courts.

Not sure either. Nate alluded to Narduzzi wearing out welcome?