Biggest offseason acquisition is OC

Our biggest offseason move was getting Bevell.

If we don’t implode at RG, this guy will have more success.

I like How Mike O’hara said our leadership is completely different from top to bottom, and how he’s "never seen it like this in Detroit. I really feel like it’s different this time, guys.

We will be playing meaningful football this year or next.


Here’s an insightful article from a few years ago regarding Bevell’s 12-man personnel/packages with Seattle.

I think it provides a nice peek behind the curtain of what we might expect this season, and further prove your point.


Really good read. Nice find, brother!

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You got it sir! :metal:

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oh I thought 12 personnel was going to be sneaking another player on the field. this is why we need to make ford field turf blue so our guys can lay down and pop up when needed!


Totally agreed. Just like last year our biggest acquisition was Patricia on the defensive side.

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