Biggest winner of day 2

The biggest winner of day 2 was… the nfl media that wants to bury Goff next offseason. I have already heard numerous pundits go back to the same well that Goff was in fact a bridge and that hooker will slide in next year.

That narrative is the biggest winner yesterday as it was given cpr and is alive and well in their eyes.

Personally, I hope Goff has a monster year and we win a playoff game or two and then we extend him!

Hooker becomes trade bait next year!


Personally I don’t see that at all as of now. First he has got to get healthy and then he has to develop at the NFL level. I think being drafted by the Lions was the perfect situation for the kid.


I have seen multiple reviews of the pick saying he is in the perfect situation to sit behind goff get healthy and step in next year when the lions dont want to pay goff… probably a half dozen or so in the media already writing the narrative. Personally i dont really mind just thought it was funny that most i saw discussing the pick defaulted to the old narrative of no way jared is the guy long term. If you didnt hear it that way than i must have imagined those videos…

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They’re ■■■■■■■ idiots that think they’re smart and we’re the idiots.

I’m as big a Goff fan as any, but does it really matter? They Lions drafted an injured 3rd round QB, if that hurts his ego, then he’s no longer my guy…

We got Goff an elite RB weapon, one of the better receiving TEs, a too FA RB, and while we lost Jamo, they scooped Jones Jr…

This is a business. These are jobs for massive pay….they drafted Jamo to replace the Chark role…. They are spect him to- not so much”what if he sucks…”

Having St Brown, Reynolds, Raymond, Jones jr, Laporta, Monty and Gibbs isn’t a top 5 weapons group in the NFL…. But it’s too 12-15 for SURE…. If Jamo becomes Desean Jackson plus…. Then we have a top 5 weapons group….

Hooker isn’t starting this year… Goff has weapons and a fair contract…

If Goff throws 30 TDs and 4800 yards with a 100- ish rating and we win the Division and a playoff game… he will almost surely get a 50M AAV extension…. 2-3 years

HOWEVER- if in practice it’s clear and obvious that Hooker has more talent (I doubt it) and stays healthy- and fits that culture…. And Goff doesn’t want a 2-3 year extension, but believes he should get a a Lamar Jackson deal… PEACE!!!

This isn’t me back tracking on Goff at all…. We needed a talented backup, we have one. I wanted a cheap backup, we have one.

Teddy would have cost 6-7M likely…. Guys like Zach Harrison and Garrett Williams were there when we took Hooker…

I’d rather have Hooker cheap for 4 years and give 6-7M to Marcus Peters or Shelby Harris


We cannot assume Goff would sign 3 year 140-150M extension right now. Then there is the group in here that wouldn’t even want to pay that…

Goff isn’t a moron he knows at 31M and 31M he’s well below market. Putting a 45M AAV extension in front of him would round to 39.5M AAV for the 5 years of his prime, and at age 32 he’d be starting over….

Granted he would earn 197M through the ….

Lets he is a top 3 MVP candidate this year. He demands a new deal in the 4 year 210M extension range… that seems like 52M per, but if you factor the 2024 salary, it’s about 48M

Again would we all want to do 4 more years at 52M each? Most wouldn’t? If he’s a top 3 rated QB in another MVP convo and makes a deep playoff run…. SHOULD HE GET LESS? Probably not- unless his agent sucks

This was literally the perfect draft move- enough to take away any perceived leverage Goff’s camp was telling he had…

We could trade him to GB next year after love sucks- get a 1st and 3rd…

Doing anything at 6 or 18 would have insulted Goff and deprived us of adding a starter- an impact player

I’m not sure I see a guy in round 3 after the Hooker pick that I’m sure would start next year. Maybe Tillman? Maybe…. Moody? Lol

I love that QB2 is now a strength both talent and contract wise

How many teams are paying backups 4-6M plus that they would trade right now for Hooker? Likely 4-5 at least.

Most of them can’t win more than 33% of the games if thrust into action, so why pay that?

I don’t see Hooker in the Russ or Hurts category…. But Dak like ceiling wouldn’t shock me

most the media and half the fan base terminally underappreciates what Goff has done for us. Even when it’s apparent he has earned the right to lead this team, led the best offense since the 50’s and obviously has the respect of Holmes and Campbell

Hell, he could make another Pro Bowl, league MVP, win a Super Bowl and I’d be willing to bet a third of the fan base still scramble to credit anyone but him and wax on about how Hooker or any prospect should be the future

I like Hooker and glad we got him in the third. But he is what he is. He’s a middle round backup QB. The idea that he is a shoe in to take over for a three time PB QB just so the team can save salary for couple years is absurd


@Lyonfan1 i agree with everything you wrote i just loved the “see see i was right the lions dont want goff long term” shit being spewed by some in the media. I dont care nor think it will impact goff but the narrative of goff being a bridge or a negative in the trade wont go away until he wins the super bowl here it seems.

Yup. We could have drafted O’Connell in the sixth and the same story would have been written

lazy journalism pandering to lazy perceptions


This is easily my hope too. Maybe trade bait in two or three seasons, but yeah.


Hooker was brought here to upgrade the backup QB spot for cheap, nothing else. Don’t listen to those idiots!


At least we finally have a backup quarterback with some talent and upside. If he develops into a Shaun hill level of backup this pick is a win. Even if he never starts a single game for us.

I hope the above minus Hooker trade bait, keep him.

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