Bill Keenist—team historian—on Move the Sticks

Bill Keenist, whose been with the Lions for decades and now serves as team historian, was recently on Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeremiah’s podcast. What a treat! Keenist is a master storyteller and has some gems to share about Calvin and Barry.

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Isn’t that the guy Valenti hates?

I don’t know. I don’t live in Michigan but from what I know, I’m not missing much when it comes to Valenti.

No, Keenist was behind the scenes. Front office businessman. Done well, have they lost $?

I think he was the PR guy for many years.

No…it’s him my man. I don’t listen very often to Valenti, well hardly at all. I remember listening to a pod cast of him and that seemed that was the guy he was bagging on…just wasn’t sure.

Okay, I remember this now. The pissing match when the Lions cut ties with 97.1fm. Sounds more like sour grapes from Valenti.

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